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Absolute Tower Speaker

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MSRP: $629.99

Price: $549.99


Product Information

Our first new product of the decade, The Absolute Tower is the new sleek and affordable floor-standing speaker solution for high-performance music or home theater systems. The design combines the Absolute Zero bookshelf mini-speaker with 2 newly designed 5.25" woofers (in a separate sealed chamber) within the slender column-like enclosure. The best speakers to combine with the Absolute Tower are the Absolute Zero or Absolute Wall Speaker for surround speakers and the Absolute Center center channel speaker for a seamlessly matched, yet surprisingly affordable Absolute Home Theater System.

Sterephile's Robert  J. Reina says "Every reader of this magazine will enjoy listening to music through the Absolute Towers, and I am sure that no reader's spouse will object to their presence in the house.  For $1000 for the pair, what more can you ask?" Review [here]. CNET's Steve Guttenberg in his The Audiophilliac high-end audio Blog thought the Absolute Tower belonged in the Top 10 Speaker's Under $1,000 List. Review [here]'s Ian White said "Are there better home theater speaker systems than the NHT Absolute 5.1T? Absolutely. Just not for under $3,000." Review [here].

The Absolute Tower's cabinet has variable radiuses flanking the midrange and tweeter driver units, which helps to randomize diffraction effects.  The Absolute Tower's extensively braced cabinets are naturally strong and acoustically inert so unwanted cabinet vibrations will never be added to your music.  Each speaker weighs a bit over 35lbs - constructed of medium density fiberboard (MDF).  The gently sculpted base puts the Absolute Tower on stable footing and is weighted with a hidden steel plate to provide mass where it is acoustically desirable - further reducing cabinet-borne resonances.

The Absolute Towers, like all NHT loudspeakers, are finished with 2 primer coats, 7 color coats of polyester paint, and topped with 2 coats of clear acrylic polymer. This piano-gloss black finish is an NHT hallmark.

The Absolute Towers are 
packaged and sold individually. 

About the Company - Let’s not forget that you’re buying an NHT speaker and that means all sorts of things. It means you care about getting the best speaker value for your hard earned money. It means and you care about quality craftsmanship and high-end performance. It means you’re ready to join our family of fanatics who love music, movies and the best gear that produces them. Welcome to the club, now tell your friends. Now Hear This!


(12) Reviews

Great Bang for your buck!!!

As current owner of 2 NHT HT setups, I thought I'd give the new Absolute Towers a try. I was pleasantly surprised at the overall smoothness and openess of the these towers. The imaging is very good for a speaker of this price and the matching Absolute Center is very good for its size! The vocal dispersion is great and it really mated well with my iC2 ceiling speakers as they suggest in the packaged deals section. I already had the iC2s prior but I did not think that they would match up so nicely. Overall, if you're on a budget and you want to go "true" hi end sound, this is a great way to get your foot in the door to the NHT sound. I can't think of another setup in this price range that can compete with sound this accurate and pleasing. I would suggest a powered sub to go along with these speakers as they don't have a deep bottom end. A great budget system with rich looks and sound. Did I mention the piano gloss finish is superb!?! Totally blows the older black laminate finishes away!

Julius Nguyen

Corona, CA


Great surround speakers

I was looking for some better looking speakers to suite my wife and found these. I had some nice 10year old hifi surround speakers, and was expecting these to be as good as my set from a different manufacturer but was amazed at the quality of the sound that this set produces. I am loving re-watching movies and re-listening to them. They sound great at high and low volume, crisp and clean. I highly recommend these for a great home theater system, you wont be disappointed.


Austin, TX


Fantastic Sound

I've dreamed of having an NHT for the last 10 years. Finally pulled the trigger on a pair of Absolute Towers and I am not disappointed. Fantastic speakers with the look to match the sound. Even with my not so fantastic Home Theater in a Box receiver, everything performs wonderfully.

A. Yee

Honolulu, HI


Very Pleased!

I generally don't write reviews. But I am making an exception this time. From the moment I opened the box, I was very pleased. The appearance and build quality are great. They would look good in any room. I coupled them with a new NHT TwoC center channel and movies came alive with clear and crisp sound. Family members were all impressed with the sound when visiting during the Holidays.

T. Anderson

Hamilton, IL


Very high Wife Approval Factor

I bought the Absolute Towers and a TwoC center speaker as an upgrade for a pair of Super One speakers and a NHT center channel. Not only do I think these new speakers are a great upgrade, my wife agrees. She is certain that these speakers sound much better than the previous setup - and those comments were even unsolicited. The Absolute Towers are very crisp and clear, playing music and movies both. I do have a subwoofer in the setupl that provides the deep base - the subwoofer is not an NHT product. Appearance wise, these speakers tend to disappear bacause of the high gloss black finish. they are stable and don't seem susceptable to tipping. The sound from this setup is well dispersed - the sound fills the room, rather than seeming like it is concentrated at the speaker. I'd recommend these speakers to anyone interested in high quality sound at a reasonable price - but like another owner wrote, a powered subwoofer will add low end punch.

Mike May



Champagne on a beer budget!

As a 60 year old man I have felt the thrills of owning some of the great loudspeakers offered in the past four to five decades. From Klipsch Cornerhorns, to B&K, to Mirage, to Infinities, to JSE Infinite Slope, to AR LSTs, I have enjoyed some of the best that the industry has had to offer. But, I can honestly say that NONE has given so much satisfaction for the buck as this new pair of 'Absolute Towers' that have now been a part of my music and Home Theater System for the past couple months. The musical detail alone just ten years ago was unheard of in any loudspeaker for under a couple grand! The imagery, presence and dispersion are just icing on the cake. And the absolute beauty of these Towers make it an easy choice for the wife to include in her decorating- They will pretty much blend with any decor. If it sounds like I am overjoyed at this pair of sonic beauties, it is because I am. Even if your budget allows for much more expensive loudspeakers, my suggestion is, give these babies a listen and then put your money into an upgrade somewhere else, where it may be needed. These may be the greatest speakers available for under $3000 a pair. You owe it to yourself to hear them!!!

Beach Beauchamp

Bradenton, Fl



Really NHT!.... I have numerous NHT speakers in the house here, (SB 3's, Absolute's, Classic 3's, a Super 8 Sub and even a pair of M00's for the studio to mention a few...)... I purchased these for my living room listening... WHAT!... holy cow, set aside they look awesome the audio quality for the $$.$ is outstanding!... crisp, clean and solid bass form these little towers. The balance and imaging is just out-of-sight. If you are a music listener and dig your tunes...look no further ... these are for you. Do not hesitate to get a pair, you will be amazed...Really NHT you did it again! Another quality pair of speakers from an awesome company...


Cananadaigua NY



In 2000, I was obsessed with building the perfect home theater, I spent years researching and visiting hi-end retailers until I finally decided to throw down the green backs for the ultimate system (at least that I could afford). For 11 years my 2.5i’s, 1.5s, AC-1 and SubTwo have performed flawlessly. They have outperformed every system I have ever heard. Unfortunately, these speakers are not waterproof and they don’t bounce. After Hurricane Irene shorted my SubTwo and a contractor bounced my 1.5 off the floor, I was left looking for something that would match and compare to my legacy system. I went to big box stores where I could hear their offerings; I purchased a sub I thought might be comparable, only to be so disappointed I returned it the same day. Ultimately, I emailed NHT and got a call back over the weekend from John Johnsen (one of the owners). I soon discovered that not only was NHT still alive and well, but it was thriving with new products, lower price points and real support from an owner who knows what he is talking about. On John’s advice, I purchased a new B-12d to replace my SubTwo, the Absolute Towers to replace my 1.5s for my rear channels and I decided to upgrade the center to the TwoC, because if there was a low point of my legacy system, it was the center channel staging. I decided to keep the 2.5is in the front because they are still absolutely amazing speakers. The Absolute Towers, TwoC and b-12d blend seamlessly with my legacy 2.5is and when it all comes together, it simply redefines my benchmark for incredible home audio. NHT products are accurate, precise and have apparently limitless headroom. They literally put to shame all other products I have ever heard. I have no desire to look for something better, because at the end of the day, this system is so incredible that wanting anything more would just be greedy. So thanks to John and NHT, my system outperforms my very high expectations. Music has a new dimension and movies are as immersive as they can be without literally blowing you up. The sounds are perfectly replicated at low volume and at the highest volume my ears will permit they continue to effortlessly perform. The speakers actually disappear from your consciousness. What you are left with is simply being there, in the moment, with Miles Davis sitting on your couch, U2 whispering in your ear, and living on Pandora for three hours as you experience Avatar. If you are new to NHT, you owe it to yourself to experience their products. If you are a long time listener, you will not be disappointed; NHT has seriously upped their game. It takes a certain leap of faith to purchase a hi-end speaker on-line. I recommend you jump.


Flanders, NJ


Toeing the audiophile waters...

I love these. They work great for movies (acceptable bass, though a sub would make them better...) and videogames, excellent for music, and look fantastic. These replaced a pair of Polk bookshelves I had for a few months and there is honestly no comparison. I've auditioned other "budget" speakers and I can honestly say I made the right choice. The mids and highs are great (though the low is a little muddy). You can bet that a sub is the next purchase. What a great product. What a great company. Keep it up, guys!

James Nelson, MBA

Columbus, OH


I’m a fairly discrete buyer, picky, demanding etc…

I just submitted and identical review for the NHT Absolute Towers and the comments around the sub/product and the buying experience are the same. This is a world class subwoofer for a very fair price, I call it value. Company supports the product, is there for advice simply send a quick email and it's as though you doing text messaging..yes, that quick. Summary is this sub is as good as 98% of the people listening to albums or movie sound tracks will ever need. To spend anything beyond this or attempting to buy sonmething more expensive would be a waste. This is a class D amp'd sub, piano gloss black, line in of LFE, all the crossovers you'll need, technically as good as anything. Looks tremendous and matches timbre with the Absolute Towers, and TwoC Center/Three C Center...More on the company and a higher level review on other NHT's I've recently purchased is below. These are likely the best kept secret from the mass markets of buyers who flock to highly marketed brands such as Polk, Klipsch, JBL etc...all of which are fine product. However, if you want world-class quality, looks, sound, service, and value then buy NHT speakers. 1) I've been buying speakers, receivers, Hi-Fi gear for the past 35 years and have had the typical lines and as the wallet allowed I would upgrade. Crutchfield carries this speaker line as well and frankly that is how I found their website and spoke with the founder, Chris Byrne. Well, that did it as how often can you speak with someone who knows the supply chain from start to finish...Never. These folks are quality people and provide world-class service and product. 2) The Absolute Towers are a glossy black, 10+ coats of piano black, acrylic etc...gorgeous...solid, look better than anything I've seen. These feel and sound like they should be $1,200-1,500 each! 3) Sound: phenominal, and certainly what you drive them with will make a difference along with the music source: turntable-excellent, Yamaha higher end CD player-excellent...warm, crisp, excellent sound field, 4) Value/Service....cannot be beat. This is a California based company, quite small so you get the personal touch. You will end up at some point, if you like, speaking or emailing with Chris or John (both founders of the company). Briliant guys, know their product and respond in minutes via email, maybe an hour if they are tied up...World class service, advice and people and product... No, I don't work for the company. I'm a white collar guy from Chicago who wants to share a great story about a company that earns it everyday. Spend your money with them and step up to world class speaker quality for mass market pricing. Seriously...I don't write review hardly ever...but these guys deserve the press for what they deliver. BTW...I started with "trying" the Absolute Towers after speaking with Chris, was very impressed with our honest/sincere conversation and decided on the $400 center...Then two weeks later bought the Absolute Wall mount speakers and in spite of having 3 subwoofers already, bought the b 12-d now I have the complete 5.1 system driven by a new Denon 1713, LG BluRay, Yamaha CD (higher end) CD player, with a Vizio 50' plasma... The sound will make you smile once you put on your favorite album, movie, CD...kick back with a cool one and enjoy the great decision you made....60 day return policy so you have nothing to them.

David B

Schererville IN


Great speakers!!

I generally dont write reviews but this time I made an exception. I always wanted to buy a NHT speaker. I'm a big believer in sealed box design. i grew up with many kinds of speakers and I always liked sealed box sound. I got the absolute towers recently and since then I never was disappointed. The midrange is so vivid and clear. I use it with stereo subwoofers for full range stereo. Had a very good buying experience with the NHT people when I spoke to them. It sounds great for movies too. For the price its unbeatable.


Milford, CT


Great Music and Home Cinema Speakers

I have a music system with Classic Threes and a B-12d. When I was ready for a small home theater set-up, the Absolute Towers were the obvious choice. I read the pro review on the A-Towers that suggested they were even better in some regards than my beloved Threes. I found that hard to believe. I gave them a shot and I am very impressed. I am floored by how musical they are. I paired them with a B-10d sub and the results are terrific. Classic NHT sound and first class looks. Even my wife likes them. Highly recommended not only for home theater but also for music systems. Even without the sub on the A-Towers deliver on music. If you are looking in the towers upto $2500 give them an audition. You will be glad you did.


Scranton, PA



Speaker type -3-way tower, acoustic suspension design

Tweeter - 1” aluminum dome tweeter

Midrange - 5.25” polypropylene cone midrange (in separate chamber)

Woofers - 2 x 5.25” polypropylene woofers. 

Crossover - 3rd order low pass and 2nd order high pass

Crossover Frequency -  450Hz, 2.2kHz 

Frequency response - 58Hz - 20kHz 

Impedance - 8 ohms average, 4.2 ohms minimum  

Sensitivity - 86dB

Power Handling - 150W

Distortion - 0.3% 150Hz-20kHz, 1% at 60Hz (1 watt)

Dimensions -  36”H x 5.7”W x 7.25” D without the base

Height with base - 37.9” 

Base - 10.63”W x 12”D x 1.9"H

Product Weight - 35.6 pounds w/base

Shipping Weight - 43 lbs.

Shipping Dimensions - 43" L x 15" W x 16" H



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Owners Manual

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