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Absolute Zero Bookshelf Speaker - Black

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MSRP: $249.99

Price: $219.99

 The Absolute Zero in Black is no longer available. The replacement, C-1 will arrive in October.

The Absolute Zero in Black is no longer available. The replacement, C-1 will arrive in October.

Product Information

The Classic Absolute Zero is NHT's premium version of the original 1992 NHT SuperZero mini-monitor. In this latest version, we've managed to extend the bass response and improve the horizontal dispersion while maintaining the open and natural midrange for which all NHT models are known. 

The Classic Absolute Zero is a great choice for shelf or stand mounting for stereo system, distributed audio, home theater systems and even desktop use. It goes without saying this speaker is in the NHT Classic Family of products, all designed to mate together perfectly for music and theater systems. They are sold and packaged as singles so order 2 for a stereo pair and so on for other system combinations.

The Classic Absolute Zero, like most NHT speakers, is an acoustic suspension design (not ported or vented). It uses a long-throw 5.25” polypropylene cone midrange/woofer. The woofer frame was designed entirely in-house using F.E.A. (Finite Element Analysis) and is made using a proprietary BMC (bulk moulding compound) frame, which has the high strength and low resonance of a much more expensive cast magnesium alloy frame. The Absolute Zero uses a very sophisticated 1” aluminum dome tweeter in a tiny bezel (mounting ring) that features a very small, yet powerful neodymium magnet. This small bezel allows us to position the tweeter and midrange drivers really close together so they act as 1 speaker. This effort, in combination with the variable 
cabinet radiuses helps the speaker's on and off axis response dramatically.

The Absolute Zero’s beautiful and curvaceous little cabinet made of very dense MDF (medium density fiberboard) material. It's strong featuring 2 internal braces and it is precision cut to by NHT's manufacturing partners using CNC (computer numeric controlled) lathes. It gets 2 primer/sealer coates, 6 gloss color coates (hand polished between each coat) followed by 2 protective clear coats for long lasting beauty. 

What all this means is a lot of engineering and thought went into the Absolute Zero to ensure it's best of class performance includes tighter, deeper bass and wonderfully open midrange and crystal clear highs from a broad seating area. 

Building  a system?  The Classic Absolute Zero mates with every speaker in the Classic line. Most typically for a subwoofer/satellite system the AbsoluteZero will be mated to the B-10d powered subwoofer.  If you are considering building a home theater system, match the AbsoluteZero with the Absolute Center channel speaker or upgrade a notch to the Classic 2C.   For the rear speakers, Absolute Wall Speakers are a great choice. Feel free to call us for a specific recommendation for your room at 800-648-9993. 

To mount the AbsoluteZero to a wall, use the Vantage Point BSM or consider the Absolute Wall Speakers which are also available in black or white finish.  

The Company - Let’s not forget that you’re buying an NHT speaker and that means all sorts of things. It means you care about getting the best speaker value for your hard earned money. It means and you care about quality craftsmanship and high-end performance. It means you’re ready to join our family of fanatics who love music, movies and the best gear that produces them. Welcome to the club, now tell your friends. Now Hear This!


(12) Reviews

...and bamo I had a chance of paying rent.

So, how do you write a review about NHT-here’s how. First speaker smash hit (from NHT) - you look up the dates-The absolute Zero- this speaker terrorized the small satellite biz immediately- the guy that wrote the first review , his name was Corey Something, put it on the map. As a retailer I saw the look, heard the sound, saw that women liked the size, Next I put it together with a small 8” M&K Subwoofer the VX-7, and bamo I had a chance of paying rent.

Bill W.

Goleta, CA


size doesn't matter!

Don't let these little giants fool you... they sound much bigger than they are... throw that size thing out the window and get a pair of Zero's...They are great for most any application. Add a Sub 10 for some real butt kickin'...


Canandaigua, NY


stereophile review

Bill W. below is referring to an extensive review of one of this speaker's predecessors, the NHT SuperZero, which was written by Corey Greenberg for "stereophile" magazine back in January 1994. At this time you can access the review online.

John M.

New Haven, CT


Both beauty and the beast

Yes, they are small and great looking but how do they sound... I have compared them to "Threes" and I have to say the sound competes fully with them. Of course, Zeros don't get as low as Threes but that's why sub woofers are invented, aren't they (btw, I have Twelve and it's amazing). I use to use M-00s as studio monitors. Compared to them, Zero loses when talking about accuracy. They just can't separate all the little details as well as M-00s.Anyway, Absolute Zero gives some extra piece of high end to my every day. The sound is full and bright. I can highly recommend!

Paavali P.

Finland, Turku



I just ordered these speakers for sound system. wow.... Love them. could not be happier with the clearity of the sound but the service was like no other. Melissa Chandon

Melissa Chandon

Woodland, CA


You can't pack more sound into a speaker this size

If aesthetics are a concern (read: WAF) you'll be very hard pressed to do better. Beautiful black gloss finish, just keep the duster handy! I have ported bookshelves that are twice the size and weight, and deliver less bass than these do. Most won't need more than a pair of these and a small sub to get maximum enjoyment out of their music. For the demanding audiophile on a budget, I cannot recommend any speaker higher.


Dallas, TX


Everything I Remembered

16 years ago I helped a musician friend of mine put together a combination HT and Audio system. He had space challenges so I recommended these "new" NHT's and he and his friends were blown away. 16 years later I needed to update my current HT/Audio system so I started the search and was thrilled to find NHT was back to their roots and moving forward. I installed a system comprised of Absolute Zero's, Absolute Center and the B-10d sub and I'm even more thrilled and amazed than I was 16 years ago. Almost every review ever written states these go toe to toe with systems costing as much as 5 times the price and after 16 years that still holds true. If you value accurate sound reproduction with a great sound stage then NHT is hard to beat at any price.


Ormond Beach, FL


Awesome speakers!

I went to Benicia today to pick up my Absolute Zeros and Super 8 subwoofer. I brought them home and immediately hooked them up. I have to say these are some of the best sounding speakers I have ever listened to. No more "Big Box" store speakers for me anymore. NHT makes an awesome speaker at an awesome price!

Jonathan B.

Travis AFB, CA


Instant improvement in my 7.1

After an "anomaly" stressed out my old Cambridge Ensemble speakers used for front L/R, I started a hunt for an upgraded replacement. We are lucky enough to live in the Bay Area so we could visit NHT World HQ and do some listening. I took home a nice pair of white Absolute's, put them on the wall & rebalanced the output levels. Now, music, tv, movie is a fuller, smoother sound, with a wider soundstage, and aesthetically nicer too. Next step is to get some local friends over & "help" them set up the audio to match their new flat panel. (Always more fun when it is someone else's money!)

Cliff Greenberg

Castro Valley, CA


The Zero's - Wow.

The Absolute Zero’s arrived yesterday and I can only say WOW! Just a bit of tweaking with the sub and I was off to an evening of musical entertainment. I want to thank you and your team for your efforts for providing such quality at an outstanding value and look forward to working with you on future purchases.

D. Jensen



Winner: No comparison!!!

Just upgraded from Polk to NHT absolute zero. All I can say is WOW. I am hearing sounds from my music and movies I never heard before. These are so clean on the high end and warm throughout the mid/bass frequencies. You won't be dissapointed with these in your system. I would also like to give a big thanks to John for helping me with my speaker choice. NHT customer service is like no other. Will be buying more NHT. Hoping maybe NHT will introduce a soundbar system in the future.

Wally S.



Beautiful sound

These speakers are simply amazing. Totally deserve the praises you read in the reviews. I went to their factory showroom in Benicia and actually got to meet Chris, the co-founder of NHT, who helped me out in choosing the right speakers for my room. I got the classic two 5.1 surround system with these absolute zeros for my home theater. Absolutely astounding! Listening in stereo with just the pair of absolute zeros and the sub was phenomenal. Make sure you pair these with high quality AVR/amp to maximize the experience. But even with just Yamaha/Onkyo amps these already sounded great. I upgraded to Emotiva amps and I was MIND BLOWN! Mids and highs are just spectacular. Worth every penny.

Edgar Ramiscal

Concord, CA



System type - Bookshelf speaker

Configuration - 2-way acoustic suspension design 

Woofer - 5.25” polypropylene cone 

Tweeter - 1” aluminum dome 

Frequency Response - 71Hz-20kHz 

Crossover Frequency - 3 kHz 

Crossover Slopes – 18dB LP, 18dB HP 

Sensitivity - 86dB (2.83v@1m) 

Impedance - 8 ohms nominal, 4.3 ohms minimum 

Power Handling - 100W

Inputs – 2 nickel plated 5-way binding posts 

Speaker Dimensions - 9.75"H 5.625"W x 7.25"D

Width between Shelf Rail Tips - 3 3/4"

Speaker Material - 25 mm MDF baffle, all other panels and internal braces 12 mm. 

Speaker Weight - 8 lbs each

Finish - High Gloss Black 

Shipping Weight - 11 lbs

Sold - individually

Wall Bracket Type: Vantage Point BSM (available at



Owners Manual

Owners Manual

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