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NHT Absolute 5.1 Surround System

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MSRP: $2,988.00

Price: $2,279.99


Product Information

NHT is proud to offer another matched and perfectly balanced 5.1 channel surround speaker system for medium to large rooms. This system is easy to set up, it's forgiving with placement, it plays loud and can shake the room when it needs to, yet it has great intelligibility at low volumes as well. You will likely hear details in music and movies you never heard before or even imagined possible. Clean, musical, low fatigue, and looks to kill? Yes-yes-yes and yes. You can check out each product individually or take our word for it. 

The NHT Absolute 5.1T home theater system is a popular speaker choice for big sound and minimal room invasion. Substitutions? No problem. We recently upgraded the center channel to the TwoC.  You may want to use in-ceiling speakers for the rear channel.  You may want to expand the system to 7, 9 or even 11 channels.  Again, no problem.  Email us at or call us at 800-648-9993 and we'll customize a system just for you.

This system contains:

Absolute Towers - for the main left and right channels
Classic TwoC Center - for the dialog channel
Absolute Wall or Absolute Zero Speakers - for the surround channels
B-10d - 300 watt powered subwoofer for the sub or LFE channel


(4) Reviews

Unparalleled "bang" for your buck!

I'll start off by saying that I'm new to the true "hifi" audiophile arena having only owned "Home Theater in a Box" systems of various brands previously. They've all been of a pretty decent quality which I was happy with. That is until I got the NHT 5.1T system... First impressions were astonishing. The super high-gloss piano back lacquer finish elegantly compliments the superior rock-solid build quality of all the speakers' enclosures. This system is very visually appealing and make for a nice addition to the existing furniture in my living room. The only words that come to mind when attempting to describe the jaw-dropping sound these speakers emit are: Brilliant, Serene, Balanced and Colorful. I've been enjoying re-listening to some of my favorite music and being able to pick out sounds I never knew were there! As you might already imagine, movies sound absolutely stunning. This system manages to deliver the warmest, silkiest tones in all sounds from gun-shots, and ejecting shell casings tinging off the floor, to the deepest bassy explosions and loud music. One of the best aspects of the 5.1T system has got to be the fact that it's clarity seems never-ending whether you're listening to them at a pleasant low volume or loud enough to knock your *neighbor's* socks off. You can clearly see NHT's efforts were not in vain when engineering these speakers to be perfectly balanced.The "Ten" subwoofer really impressed me. It delivers soft, smooth, resonant bass equally at both low and high volumes without so much as a blip of distortion, or rattling your entire house to pieces; a very nice "feature" if you live in a place where you might share walls/floors. I would be willing to say that this woofer outperforms *any* other 10" sub-woofer from big-name brands that I've ever heard to date. The "Twelve" woofer must be incredible! The "Absolute Tower" speakers have precise highs, clear and full mids, and manage to create unparalleled crispy bass from its two 5.25" woofers which beautifully compliment the aforementioned "Ten" woofer the system comes with. The "Absolute Center" speaker shines in "Large mode" receiving a full-range signal. People speaking in movies now sound like they're right there in my living room; It's almost scary :) The "Absolute bookshelf" speakers also demand some serious respect with their stellar performance, imaging, and perfect blending with the "Absolute Towers" accompanied by their very reasonable price-point.All in all, I'd give this system an A+ and will continue to enthusiastically recommend these for anyone on the market. I thought I knew good sound, but now I know better and am proud to be an NHT customer.

Jaime Austria

Fremont, CA



Bought this set up piece by piece and I am very pleased. Sounds wonderful even when streaming music from my iPhone through Apple TV. Small footprint for towers was a must and I am VERY impressed with the finish. I had purchased a set of Definitive Technology 8040 Bi Polar expecting the would sound great. They too had a very small footprint and a built in Sub. I was very disappointed and returned them within a few days. Cost twice as much and I would not have kept them if they were half the cost of Absolute Towers. Surprisingly, the AT's were nearly half the cost and did I mention Piano Black finish if awesome. Def Techs had only a smidgin of the the same finish. B10d is also very impressive. Also a very small footprint and great addition for the towers. Don't get me wrong the tower are ver adequate in bass response for music. Before I had the Sub working I actually wasn't sure if it was on at one point (my amp was not powering it yet when I first tested it). Also, service is GREAT. I was happy to work with one of the owners/partners (John Johnsen). I was a bit unsure after being disappointed with the 8040s and John was confident I would be happy with the A.Towers. His low key confidence spiked my curiousity and after getting off the first phone chat with him, I call back in an hour and bought the Towers. He had recommendations for my particular needs and they worked like a charm. I have to admit, I have not set up the Absolute Zeros/Absolute Center yet as they arrived today. But they are just filler at this point and I expect no less. Hope this helps anyone interested in NHT. I wish I needed more speakers, I would love to listen to a pair Three Bookshelf. Need a bigger house now to fit my NHT wish list.

Matt T

Austin, Texas



These speakers have made music, movies, and PC gaming (Battlefield 3) a whole new experience. Previously my surround sound experience came from a Klipsch box set. And I thought that was decent. Then I read about NHT from the The review was enough for me to purchase the speakers on a whim and I am so glad I did. The sound from this system is so crisp and clean. It sounds cliché to say with these NHT speakers I've heard things in music that I've never heard or noticed before but it is true. Listening to the Beatles I've heard coughs in the background or chairs sliding against the floor. Anything that comes through these speakers makes me want more. Pleasing to my ears is an understatement. What I have: Absolute 5.1 surround package with upgraded TwoC center Two SuperZeros Powered by a Marantz SR5007 The Audyssey system setup couldn't be any easier. A quick mention for visual aesthetics...the speakers are; stunning, clean, alluring. In my humble opinion these speakers offer high end sound without a high end price. Even if I could afford something much more expensive I would not purchase that system. Not when NHT delivers the way it does.

Bill Raddatz

Moore, OK


Great Music and Home Cinema Speakers

I have a music system with Classic Threes and a B-12d. When I was ready for a small home theater set-up, the Absolute Towers were the obvious choice. I read the pro review on the A-Towers that suggested they were even better in some regards than my beloved Threes. I found that hard to believe. I gave them a shot and I am very impressed. I am floored by how musical they are. I paired them with a B-10d sub and the results are terrific. Classic NHT sound and first class looks. Even my wife likes them. Highly recommended not only for home theater but also for music systems. Even without the sub on the A-Towers deliver on music. If you are looking in the towers upto $2500 give them an audition. You will be glad you did.


Scranton, PA



System includes the following products:

Absolute Tower: 2 each
Absolute Wall Speaker: 2 each
Classic TwoC Center: 1 each
Classic B-10 Subwoofer: 1 each

Total Carton Count: 6
Total Shipping Weight: 124 lbs.

Substitutions or add-on's very welcome and affordable. or 800-648-9993.