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NHT Absolute Zero 5.1 Surround System

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MSRP: $2,180.00

Price: $1,659.99


Product Information

The Absolute Zero 5.1 system now features NHT's best selling Absolute Zero for the front speaker, the Classic TwoC Center for dialog, the new and tonally matched Absolute Wall speakers for the surrounds and the 300W B-10d subwoofer system for the bass channel.  Note that Absolute Zeros and Wall speakers are interchangeable at no charge.  This system is perfect for small to medium sized rooms.  

Something not quite right?  NHT is happy to allow you to substitute any part of the system - different back speakers, in ceilings or in walls.  Just ask at 800-648-9993 or 

Finally, let’s not forget that you’re buying an NHT system and that means all sorts of things.  It means you care about getting the best speaker value for your hard earned money.  It means and you care about quality craftsmanship and high-end performance.  It means you’re ready to join our family of fanatics who love music, movies and the best gear that produces them. Welcome to the club, now tell your friends. Now Hear This! 


(1) Reviews

Great Entry Level Package

I installed a system like this yesterday. The Zero's are small speakers, but when you match them with the TwoC and Ten Sub, wow! I don't think anything would take the smile off my client's face! The best part, though they are small and entry level NHT, the sound quality is incredible...even at high volumes. This is a very balanced setup that is truly musical. Great job NHT!

Alan Ray

Charlotte, NC



This System Contains:

2 Absolute Zero Bookshelf Speakers - For the front Main Channels

1 Classic TwoC Center Channel Speakers - For the center or dialog channel

2 AbsoluteWall Speakers - For the surround or back channels

1 B-10d - A 300 watt subwoofer for the sub, LFE or bass channel

Total carton count: 6 (you may get master packs and have fewer boxes).

Total system weight:  90lbs approx.