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Marantz MM7055 140W x 5 channel power amplifier

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MSRP: $1,199.99

Price: $1,199.99


Product Information

The MM7055 lives a lonely life on your hi-fi system shelf, yet it serves what might be called the essential roll - the engine of your home theater.  This is no whimsy high-rev'ing rice rocket engine, it's a big block…a Hemi if you will.  The MM7055 produces 5 x 140 watts of potent juice - and this is qualified juice 20Hz - 20kHz at 8 ohms with a minuscule .08%THD.  That's 700 watts ready let you hear a pin drop or to rip your face off when playing back a mind-bending James Durbin rock video (American Idol rocker from close by Santa Cruz).

While almost everyone will think of the MM7055 as the ideal home theater amplifier for use with a receiver with preamp outputs, or the excellent Marantz AV7005 AV Preamp in a 5.1 channel rig, the audiophiles will be using it in concert with the MM7025 to create a no-holds-barred 7.1 channel home theater. 

The MM7055 is also an ideal choice for use as a  high end audio distribution amp - the sort of high-end that's qualified by high performance, not high price. You could easily pay this much for a no-name box full of amp channels with no street cred.  Let us help you build your perfect multi zone home system using the MM7055 and some great NHTs. 

Here's what's really  happening with the MM7055

XLR Balanced inputs (or RCA) - XLR is what the pros use cause it's super quiet and rejects noise.

105 dB signal to noise ratio - This means Marantz engineers were thoughtful about routing delicate signals in the MM7025's innards.

Cool Running -  the 7055's discrete output devices are mounted to a fan-cooled "thermal tunnel" which keeps thing from going to DEFCON 4.

Robust Power Supply - Massive EI-Core Transformer and oversized power supply capacitors ensure there's plenty of current when you need it

Remote turn on via 12 Volt Trigger, IR command, or Marantz Remote connection 

Separate Power cable - Allows you to pony up for a after market power cord for a bump in performance.

Marantz and NHT - a match made in heaven. Let’s not forget that you’re considering from and that means all sorts of things. It means you care about getting the best value for your hard earned money.  30 days in home satisfaction guaranty or we pay the shipping back. It means professional service and support backed by years of experience.  It means and you care about quality craftsmanship and high-end performance. It means you’re ready to join our family of fanatics who love music, movies and the best gear that produces them. Welcome to the club, now tell your friends. Now Hear This!


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Key Specifications:

140 Watts x 5 channels

Frequency  Response 8Hz ~ 100kHz (+/- 3dB)

Balanced inputs on female XLR's

5 x RCA inputs (switchable)

5 pairs heavy duty binding posts.

RC5 remote in.out

DC trigger in/out

IR input

Removable IEC style 2 prong power cord

Rack mountable with optional rack mount kit

Dimensions: 17-3/8" x 7-3/16" x 15-1/8" (W x H x D)

Weight: 34.5 pounds