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B-12d Powered Subwoofer with DSP

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MSRP: $899.99

Price: $799.99

 The B-12d is sold out permanently. Its replacement will deliver in November, 2015.

The B-12d is sold out permanently. Its replacement will deliver in November, 2015.

Product Information

Upgrade! - Trade-in your old NHT subwoofer! Download the Sub Upgrade Program on the right hand side for more information. 

The B-12d subwoofer is a compact high-end powered subwoofer for home theater and music systems that says you're dead serious about great sound. Everything we’ve learned in our 23 years of speaker building was crammed into the best twelve-inch sub we’ve ever built. 

Outside - The B-12d subwoofer is a compact 14" cube - barely bigger than the 12” driver contained within and packs a huge sonic punch. The B-12d is an air suspension design - no ports to interact with its surroundings. It can be placed wherever it fits in your room without sacrificing sound quality. Four aluminum leveling spikes are included to anchor the sub on carpeted floors, and 4 aluminum discs keep it from doing donuts on slippery floors. Like all NHT Classic speakers, the B-12d features NHT’s 10-coat piano gloss black finish. 

Inside - Start with 500 watts of really smart, efficient power. For the techies, we use a BASH PWM (Class D) amplifier with switching power supply. Unlike traditional amplifiers, the B-12d’s super-efficient design converts most of the juice coming from your AC outlet to bass, instead of wasting it as heat. The brains of the B-12d are in its factory-programmed DSP (digital signal processing) engine. The DSP controls the 24 db/octave phase-perfect adjustable low-pass filter, internal EQ, Boundary EQ, a sophisticated limiter, compressor and more. As a result the B-12d subwoofer goes lower, plays louder with better control than any 12" sub we've built.

The speaker itself is a long-throw, pulp cone design with a butyl rubber surround. The cone and the massive motor structure were custom designed by NHT specifically for the B-12
d. This massive woofer creates high pressure inside the B-12d’s sealed enclosure, so we lined the interior walls with a 1 mm thick sheet of aluminum to eliminate any cabinet flex.

Backside – Everything to integrate the B-12d with your stereo or surround sound system can be found around back - LFE inputs for your receiver’s sub out, stereo line inputs for your 2-channel rig, and an LFE out so you can add another B-12d. There's a variable phase control for matching the B-12d with your other speakers, and a boundary control that electronically "moves" the subwoofer for best sound without actually moving it. The automatic power mode turns the B-12d on and off or select "Always On" mode for remote power switching. The B-12d 's smart, power supply adjusts to deliver full output anywhere in the world from 100v to 240v at 50 or 60Hz 

The Sound – Like all NHT subwoofers the B-12d is musical and natural on music and scary on movies. One B-12d in your system is serious. Two B-12d’s will deliver the ridiculous, even in larger rooms. If you want a subwoofer to turbo-charge your system, blend perfectly into your system and provide smooth, seismic low end – drop and buy.

The Company - Let’s not forget that you’re buying an NHT subwoofer and that means all sorts of things like you care about getting the best speaker value for your money, that you care about quality craftsmanship and high-end performance. It also means you’re ready to join our family of fanatics who love music, movies and gear that produces them. Welcome to the club - tell a friend.


(10) Reviews

No Reviews...come on folks!

First thought visually and sonically, is WOW. Again, WOW! Now that I’m done with that, here’s my story. I originally purchased one B-10d and one B-12d for a 25’ x 27’ theater room. After speaking with Jeff Coats at NHT, I decided to use the B-10d in a Classic Zero setup (excellent idea!) and purchase another B-12d for my theater room. Jeff suggested that there is something magical about having dual NHT12’s in a theater setup. Jeff was right again! Oh my goodness, I was not prepared when I first turned my system on with NHT dual B-12d’s, again Wow. (My son says it sounds EPIC!) I have only heard one 12” woofer that even came close to sounding this good. The B-12d would literally blow that sub out of the water! This is a very musical and revealing subwoofer. I give yet another thumbs up to great new NHT product! If you have one of these or any other NHT product, help them out and submit a review. I know I always read reviews before purchasing and if you’re reading this, you do too! Spread the love and review your NHT products. We all want to have a good idea what we’re buying and want some assurance before our purchases…even if it is negative. I have been extremely pleased with everything I have purchased from NHT and the customer support they provide. So far, NHT gets an A+ from all my purchases and I’ll even go out on a limb to say they get an A+ from everything I have ever heard that has the label NHT on it. Thanks NHT for making a 12’ sub that exceeds expectations!


Charlotte, NC


Very Pleased

I have a small room(24*20) with Paradigm Reference Studio 40 Speakers and a ParaSound 5250 Amp pushed by a new Denon reciever. I had a NHT Sub Two. The B-12d is crisp and strong. I am a lay person that can only tell you that I am very pleased with my new sub.It is worth the money. As you can tell, I do not normally write reviews, but I am very impressed the this Sub.

Steve McCabe



Great upgrade!

As a long time owner of the Sw2p, I was very excited to learn from a friend of mine that NHT was implementing a trade-in program. I was even more excited to learn that I was within driving distance to the showroom. I packed up the ol' sub and headed out to beautiful Benicia. I was quickly greeted by the head of security, "Sadie" who was very happy to see me! After talking at length with John about the history of the company I felt very comfortable in the showroom surrounded by all of the new speaker models. I gave up the 15 year old subwoofer that had served me so well and took home the shiny new 12 inch model. I was seriously shocked by the small form factor. My wife didn't even see it at first. From the beginning I knew this was a different sub. The boominess of the ported sub was gone and in it's place was a super musical low end with great accuracy to boot! I told John it took some getting used to, especially on music but it is the most natural sounding subwoofer I've heard in a long time. I was concerned about watching movies and losing some of the rumble of explosions and whatnot but that was not the case. I have to say, there is a bit of a break-in time (sorry, John), not much but once it went through the weekend something changed. It became fuller and meatier on the movie soundtracks. It was clear this speaker gives the best of both worlds. I really like it! Thanks John and NHT!

Carel Strey

San Jose, CA


Unbelievable, Truly Outstanding Sub

Had NHT SW10II 10" and Polk PSW505 12" subs in my family room, with an otherwise all NHT system (M6 fronts, M5 center, iW3 surrounds and backs). Those two subs did a great job, especially with movie sound effects, but both were ported and definitely muddied music (especially when compared to the M-00/S-00 system I have hooked up to my computer). Again after much deliberation, decided to sell the Polk and drove down to Benicia to trade in the SW10II for something, maybe 1 B-12d, maybe 2 B-10d's. Was warmly greeted by two NHT mascots, a veteran and a rookie, who accompanied me my whole stay (cute dogs!). I've never met a president and VP of any company before, but Chris and John are two of the most unassuming, patient, down to earth, really nice guys you'll meet, presidents or not. I spent a lot of time listening to both new subs, mainly Lyle Lovett -- who John says is produced with NHT monitors . . . what a coincidence -- whose music I know by heart (played off of my iPhone), but also some rock, some electronic stuff, and some movies, to get the full breaadth of experience. John is right: the B-10d sounds amazing, but the B-12d is on an altogether different plane. It sounded deeper, fuller, better. I guess I am a basshead (as I said in another review), John said I cranked up the B-12d about 6dB too loud out of balance, but that's where I enjoyed listening to it. I picked up TWO B-12d's, 12 instead of 10 for the extra, effortless lower bass extension, two instead of one to reduce modes. John most certainly did not try to sell me two, he said on more than a few occasions I only needed one B-12d, but I was raised on the two-sub-better-than-one-religion. I'm glad I did: after setup, there are no dead spots, almost the entire room sounds like a sweet spot, and (for music), even though the subs are right next to me flanking the couch, the bassist is standing in the front of the room. And the sound: amazingly clear (clear? sub?), tight, responsive. Movie sound effects carry an incredible weight, having lost none of the power that I enjoyed from the ported subs, and music sounds INCREDIBLE, a thousand times better than with the previous subs. I'm incredibly pleased with these subs, as you can tell from the length of this review. But also genuinely pleased with the customer service at NHT, in this case delivered directly by the Pres and Vice Pres themselves. Oh, one final, really important detail: these things are tiny and look good. They passed the wife test: she loves the sound as much as she loves the black glossy, compact, unobstrusive look.


Sacramento, CA



In 2000, I was obsessed with building the perfect home theater, I spent years researching and visiting hi-end retailers until I finally decided to throw down the green backs for the ultimate system (at least that I could afford). For 11 years my 2.5i’s, 1.5s, AC-1 and SubTwo have performed flawlessly. They have outperformed every system I have ever heard. Unfortunately, these speakers are not waterproof and they don’t bounce. After Hurricane Irene shorted my SubTwo and a contractor bounced my 1.5 off the floor, I was left looking for something that would match and compare to my legacy system. I went to big box stores where I could hear their offerings; I purchased a sub I thought might be comparable, only to be so disappointed I returned it the same day. Ultimately, I emailed NHT and got a call back over the weekend from John Johnsen (one of the owners). I soon discovered that not only was NHT still alive and well, but it was thriving with new products, lower price points and real support from an owner who knows what he is talking about. On John’s advice, I purchased a new B-12d to replace my SubTwo, the Absolute Towers to replace my 1.5s for my rear channels and I decided to upgrade the center to the TwoC, because if there was a low point of my legacy system, it was the center channel staging. I decided to keep the 2.5is in the front because they are still absolutely amazing speakers. The Absolute Towers, TwoC and b-12d blend seamlessly with my legacy 2.5is and when it all comes together, it simply redefines my benchmark for incredible home audio. NHT products are accurate, precise and have apparently limitless headroom. They literally put to shame all other products I have ever heard. I have no desire to look for something better, because at the end of the day, this system is so incredible that wanting anything more would just be greedy. So thanks to John and NHT, my system outperforms my very high expectations. Music has a new dimension and movies are as immersive as they can be without literally blowing you up. The sounds are perfectly replicated at low volume and at the highest volume my ears will permit they continue to effortlessly perform. The speakers actually disappear from your consciousness. What you are left with is simply being there, in the moment, with Miles Davis sitting on your couch, U2 whispering in your ear, and living on Pandora for three hours as you experience Avatar. If you are new to NHT, you owe it to yourself to experience their products. If you are a long time listener, you will not be disappointed; NHT has seriously upped their game. It takes a certain leap of faith to purchase a hi-end speaker on-line. I recommend you jump.


Flanders, NJ


Theater in my home with the NHT B12d

Just got my B12d. Never had a really nice set up till now. What I wanted as a college kid I've got now. My music has come alive and heard parts been listening to for years never heard before. Deep rich bass, full range. Movies, won't have to go for a while. I do have a small listening room 15x12 but the windows will rattle, so cool.Can't wait to get jurassic Park. As others have noted they look really nice and not obtrusive at all. ID sales with John was effortless and help make my NHT purchasing experience excellent.





Ihave been installing NHT products for about 7 years now, and I absolutely LOVE!!! all of their products. I am very particular about products I install because in custom av busines you work hard to earn your clients trust while also seeking to recommend and install excellent and reliable products, and in my 20 plus years of installing both car and home I have had the pleasure of installing as well as auditioning several top rated speakers, and since the first time I heard a NHT product I had to re asess my expectations of what a high quality speaker of any type should sound like. I encourage you to audition any top rated high end subwoofer of any manufacturer regardless of price range and compare it to a comparable sized NHT subwoofer, you absolutely will not find a better sounding subwoofer in my experience with the many different subs that I have heard and installed,now you may find subs with larger amplifiers but I am referring to the sound quality of the subs, and even that issue can be resolved by using dual NHT subs. I have to date only heard a handful of subs that are even close to the NHT subs, and they all are at least 3 times the price, which makes NHT subs off the grid on value. I promise you if you audition dual B-10s or B-12s installed and properly tune in a quality system, your definition of what true low frequency extension is will forever be changed, and you can take that to the bank and cash it!!!!!!!

David McBride

Grand Prairie Texas



I have owned a surround setup including VT-2.4 towers, VS-2.4 center/satellites, HDP-2 side-surrounds and a Sub Two. When I contacted the good folks at NHT about getting the Sub Two repaired, they had me send it in so they could take a look-see. I got a call from Bob Hopkins who asked if I was still in love with my Sub Two or if he could make me an offer on some newer technology. I took a little time to think it over and called back. Chris Byrne answered the phone and he made me an offer that was just too good to refuse. Well, if you've ever heard the Sub Two, it is an awesome sounding sub; very musical and very powerful. I absolutely loved the controls being separate and placed near my pre/pro for convenient adjustments when needed. I opted for the B-12d in fact, Chris' offer was so good, I bought two! After a bit of experimenting with location and control adjustment, all I can say is OMG! These things are easily the equal of the Sub Two and more. With two subs in different parts of my listening space, the bottom end is appreciably smoother and overall even more musical. Special effects on movies are more dynamic than I ever experienced with the Sub Two (and it was awesome). Explosions create a spine-tingling sense of doom and destruction like something really bad just happened and I'd better get in touch with my insurance adjuster to assess the damage to the house. Suffice it to say: these things are awesome! If you're in the market for some new sub(s), I highly recommend you give Bob, Chris or John a call ASAP. You will not regret it. Oh yeah, the piano black finish is still just as gorgeous as always. I miss the controller of my old Sub Two but these B-12d subs are helping me to get over that in short order.

Kevin M.

White Lake, MI


Surprised there is not more talk about these on the forum

I had heard my friends NHT speakers back in the late 90's and knew that someday I would have some when I had time and money to put into home theater. Fast forward to now and I decided that the Harmon Kardon "home theater in a box" was due to be replaced with a new receiver and new speakers. I am one of those people that researches expert and consumer opinions to make buying decisions and exhaustively searched through the internet and a lot of the forums......not a lot of NHT discussion. But based on my prior experience with my firend's NHT setup many years ago and NHT's excellent return policy, I took the leap. I spoke with both Chris and John (GREAT customer service and response) and decided to start with one B-12d and add a second one if it could not get the job done in my large living area (that is also open to the kitchen/dining room/foyer). I may elect to buy another B-12d at some point in the future but was amazed with all of the air space that ONE B-12d does the job quite well. Impact with movies is GREAT, the B-12d goes low and is super tight/clean sounding with sounds great with music of all types too. Another friend recently bought a HSU VTF-15H and while it provides more volume, I prefer the clean sound of the sealed B-12d. I would have never expected a sub with such a small footprint to sound as large as it does. Kudos to NHT, one of the best kept secrets in home audio :-)


Loganville, GA


I’m a fairly discrete buyer, picky, demanding etc…

I just submitted and identical review for the NHT Absolute Towers and the comments around the sub/product and the buying experience are the same. This is a world class subwoofer for a very fair price, I call it value. Company supports the product, is there for advice simply send a quick email and it's as though you doing text messaging..yes, that quick. Summary is this sub is as good as 98% of the people listening to albums or movie sound tracks will ever need. To spend anything beyond this or attempting to buy sonmething more expensive would be a waste. This is a class D amp'd sub, piano gloss black, line in of LFE, all the crossovers you'll need, technically as good as anything. Looks tremendous and matches timbre with the Absolute Towers, and TwoC Center/Three C Center...More on the company and a higher level review on other NHT's I've recently purchased is below. These are likely the best kept secret from the mass markets of buyers who flock to highly marketed brands such as Polk, Klipsch, JBL etc...all of which are fine product. However, if you want world-class quality, looks, sound, service, and value then buy NHT speakers. 1) I've been buying speakers, receivers, Hi-Fi gear for the past 35 years and have had the typical lines and as the wallet allowed I would upgrade. Crutchfield carries this speaker line as well and frankly that is how I found their website and spoke with the founder, Chris Byrne. Well, that did it as how often can you speak with someone who knows the supply chain from start to finish...Never. These folks are quality people and provide world-class service and product. 2) The Absolute Towers are a glossy black, 10+ coats of piano black, acrylic etc...gorgeous...solid, look better than anything I've seen. These feel and sound like they should be $1,200-1,500 each! 3) Sound: phenominal, and certainly what you drive them with will make a difference along with the music source: turntable-excellent, Yamaha higher end CD player-excellent...warm, crisp, excellent sound field, 4) Value/Service....cannot be beat. This is a California based company, quite small so you get the personal touch. You will end up at some point, if you like, speaking or emailing with Chris or John (both founders of the company). Briliant guys, know their product and respond in minutes via email, maybe an hour if they are tied up...World class service, advice and people and product... No, I don't work for the company. I'm a white collar guy from Chicago who wants to share a great story about a company that earns it everyday. Spend your money with them and step up to world class speaker quality for mass market pricing. Seriously...I don't write review hardly ever...but these guys deserve the press for what they deliver. BTW...I started with "trying" the Absolute Towers after speaking with Chris, was very impressed with our honest/sincere conversation and decided on the $400 center...Then two weeks later bought the Absolute Wall mount speakers and in spite of having 3 subwoofers already, bought the b 12-d now I have the complete 5.1 system driven by a new Denon 1713, LG BluRay, Yamaha CD (higher end) CD player, with a Vizio 50' plasma... The sound will make you smile once you put on your favorite album, movie, CD...kick back with a cool one and enjoy the great decision you made....60 day return policy so you have nothing to them.

David B

Schererville IN



Model: B-12d  

Finish: Piano Black High Gloss Paint 

Cabinet Size: (14")320mm x (14")320mm x (14")320mm 

Cabinet Material: 18mm MDF w/1mm 
interior aluminum lining

Product Weight (pounds): 33.7 

Shipping Dimensions: 18" x 18" x 18.5"

Shipping Weight: 38 lbs

Woofer: 12" paper cone long throw  

Magnetically shielded: No 

Frequency Response: -3dB from 27Hz - 130Hz, -6dB @ 25Hz, -10dB @ 23Hz

Distortion: 1% above 48Hz 1W equivalent  

Peak output @1M: 120dB @58Hz, 115dB @40Hz, 112dB @30Hz

Amplifier Power: 500W 4 ohms, .5% THD  

Amplifier Type: BASH 

Inputs: LFE on single RCA, L and R line level on RCA, USB (for wireless power and signal) 

Outputs: LFE on RCA 

Adjustable Low Pass: 50-130Hz

Phase: 0-270 degrees continuously variable 

EQ: Boundary Control 3 position -3dB, 0, +3dB

Included Accessories: 4 x aluminum cones, 4 x aluminum leveling nuts, 4 x aluminum floor protector discss, B-12d Setup Guide



Owners Manual

Owners Manual

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