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Super 8 Powered Subwoofer for SuperZero

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MSRP: $379.99

Price: $349.99


Product Information

The NHT Super8 subwoofer is perfect for use with any high quality compact speaker that's bass shy and is simply magical when used with the new SuperZero 2.1. Like all NHT subwoofers, the Super8 is great for both home theater and stereo music and delivering high-end, musical bass performance without a high price tag. The Super 8 does many things for your system - takes the deep bass load off of your main speakers, so they play louder with lower distortion. It helps your amplifier by powering deep bass signals (your amp handles just the midrange and high frequencies) and properly adjusted the Super 8 will blend seamlessly with your main speakers and disappear. 

Outside - The Super 8 powered subwoofer is a minuscule 11” cube - barely bigger than the 8” driver contained within, but delivers tight, solid bass response.  The Super 8 powered subwoofer comes beautifully wrapped in the signature NHT gloss black finish. The Super 8 is a sealed system - has no holes or ports that can interact with its surroundings making it ok to put it wherever it fits in your space instead of the other way around. It comes with 4 cool aluminum tippy-toes to keep it from skidding around while it’s doing its thing on your rug. For those with hardwood floors or other kinds of slippery floor surfaces, we also include 4 aluminum floor protectors to slip the cones. 

Inside - The same technology and processing power in the Super 8 powered subwoofer is used in our very best subwoofer, the B-12d. Start with a beefy, but efficient 300 watt amplifier throttled back to 110 ideal watts. This green amplifier converts most of the energy from the wall socket to sound, not heat. The real voodoo though is found in the dedicated DSP (digital signal processing) engine. The DSP dynamically controls the amplifier power, equalization, and filter functions - basically helps the Super 8 play super loud, go super deep and have super control and the DSP's built-in limiter and compressor even protect the woofer from killing itself when you go into party mode. The speaker itself is a heavy-duty, long-throw pulp-cone marvel that was custom designed by NHT specifically for the Super 8’s closed box, acoustic suspension design.

Backside - Every possible connection for your stereo or surround sound setup is there. The Super 8 has an LFE input for connection to your receiver’s sub out and stereo line inputs for your fancy 2-channel rig. There are also speaker level inputs with a high-pass (bass removed) speaker level output for use with the SuperZero 2.1. A phase control integrates the Super8's output with your satellites, and a unique Movie/Music switch tunes the woofer for your choice of each. There's even a USB connection for use with a future NHT wireless audio adaptor. The Super 8 uses a super-efficient, universal power supply to deliver full output anywhere in the world on a diet of 100v to 240v. 

The Company - Let’s not forget that you’re buying an NHT subwoofer and that means all sorts of things. It means you care about getting the best speaker value for your hard earned money. It means and you care about quality craftsmanship and high-end performance. It means you’re ready to join our family of fanatics who love music, movies and the best gear that produces them. Welcome to the club, now tell your friends.  Now Hear This.


(4) Reviews

The Super Zero Is Back! Never go away again!

What more can I say about the Original super zero, I have a pair, and till today they still blow away most speakers I've heard. I'm not saying any speaker that costs $200-$400, but high end speakers costing as much as $2,000! I must admit it was a little sad to see these legendary speakers become discountinued, but that all changed! Intorducing the new Super Zero 2.0!!!! I had the privelge to listen to these puppies, and that familiar sound I am used to was alive once again! Now these speakers imaged almost exactly as the original, and were as detailed, but they did have one edge over the originals, and that would be the distortion at higher volumes. More than likely this has to do with the crossover change from 2KHz to 3.2KHz. These speakers are failry ineffieienct (86db) and will require a good, clean, powerful power source. I listened to a pair with a Rotel RB-1572 Amp delievering 100 watts @ 8ohms, and RSP-1570 processor. I also tested them with an onkyo tx-sr708 receiver, and it did very well with both, but the rotel gave it sort of a more "clarity," but my point is a more budget amp, did just fine to power these puppies. I did test these side by side with other speakers like the Paradigm Atoms, and B&W 601 series II speakers and the NHT won hands down for better detial, especially when listening to the acoustic guitar such as on Metallica's "Nothing else Matters." Of course for the best sound, a subwoofer would be needed. I did listen to these with the new Super 8 subwoofer at a crossover of 105Hz, and it filled all of those bass notes very nicely. This subwoofer is not a wimpy one my any means. It provides a deep tight bass to the Super Zero 2.0s very harmonically. Outiside the cabinet remains unchanged, the size is the same, the weight is about the same, and fairly heavy for a small speaker (a sign of quality!), and the beautiful black finish still marks it's trademark. The grill is more rounded than the original witht he new white logo, but I found listening to them without provides a better listening experience. The tweeter remains the same, but the woofer is a newer type of paper material. Lets not forget the best part of these.....$198 a pair!!!!!!!!! and if you buy his system with the super 8 (which I highly recommend), you only pay $499!!!!! yes, $499 dollars for a system that sounds like it should cost $5000!!! Also don't forget the size of these little (but muscluar speakers) are very wife friendly for those worried about space. All in all, NHT actually did put a little more "oomph" into the oiginal Super zero imporving its detial at higher volumes (IMO). These speakers will forever remain one of the most legendary speakers I've heard, not just looking at sound to price ratio, but some of the best speakers i've ever heard, Period, and I dare someone to make me a better speaker for $99 a speaker.

Mostafa Sheta

Columbus, Oh



Chris recommended this subwoofer for my new system. Love it.....

Melissa Chandon

Woodland, CA


Custom A/V Retailer

It is amazing how NHT continues to produce good product after good product! This company continues to amaze. We sell and install all of their products, all I have to say is when putting together an audio system of any kind locate your nearest NHT retailer and go audition the product for yourself, online reviews and even magazine reviews aren't enough to do these products justice! The super 8 is an amazing high quality subwoofer!!! David McBride Anointed Soundz Custom Home Theater Grand Prairie Texas

David McBride

5145 Lake Ridge Pkwy. Ste. 127


Very musical

The Super 8 is the perfect complement to the Super Zeros and a fine subwoofer in its own right. Musical, lively and balanced at all times, and forceful only when it's supposed to be. Not a one-note honker, it does acoustic bass justice. More powerful than you'd guess by looking at it. I've got one with the Super Zero 2.0 speakers, and this kit is astoundingly good. Not just for the money, but in absolute terms. I like it better than the $2,500 electrostats I had before, or the Spicas, Missions or Polks before that.





Model number: Super 8 Powered Subwoofer

UPC Code: 898349001198

Cabinet Size: (11.2”) 285mm x (11.2”) 285mm x (11.2”) 285mm

Finish: Black high gloss vinyl

Cabinet Material: 15mm MDF with 0.5mm vinyl laminate

Product Weight (pounds): 18.2 lbs. (8.3 kg)

Shipping Dimensions Est: 15” x 15” x 15.5”

Shipping Weight: 22 lbs.

Woofer: 8” paper cone long throw

Magnetically shielded: No

Frequency Response: -3dB 37Hz - 210Hz, -10dB 30Hz

Distortion: <1% above 65Hz 1W equivalent

Peak output @1M: 112dB @65Hz, 106dB @40Hz

Amplifier Power: 110W, 4 ohms, 0.5% THD

Amplifier Type: BASH 

Inputs: LFE RCA, L and R RCA and (speaker)

high level

Inputs: L and R RCA line, L and R Speaker Level, USB (for wireless

signal and power)

Outputs: L and R Speaker Level (HP filter 6dB/Oct 100Hz @ 8 ohms)

Adjustable Low Pass: 60-150Hz

Phase: 0-180 degrees 2 position switched

EQ: Music/Movie (0dB, +3dB @58Hz)

Included Accessories: 4 x aluminum cones, 4 x Aluminum leveling nuts, 4 x aluminum floor protectors discs, Super 8 Setup Guide.

Packaged and Sold Individually



Owners Manual

Owners Manual

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