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Classic Three Bookshelf Loudspeaker

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MSRP: $499.99

Price: $449.99


Product Information

The NHT Classic Three is the best bookshelf we’ve ever built and we've built quite a few over the last 22 years. The Three offers great bass response, close to 40Hz in room, plus wide-open, natural sounding mids and highs. While it’s a really good speaker for home theater, the Three is simply remarkable for music playback. 

Stereophile Magazine's Robert J. Reina said "At $800/pair, the Classic Three is a superb value, particularly for those listening rooms in which size and cosmetics are important but whose owners are reluctant to give up performance in bass definition and extension and in high-level dynamics." More of that review

Soundstage's Sid Voola said "in some ways, I would be hard-pressed to discern the Classic Three’s performance from that of a similarly priced small floorstander. Add in the outstanding imaging and soundstaging capabilities and the Classic Three becomes a very compelling value, clearly matching or exceeding the performance of other bookshelf designs. The overall neutrality and rich midrange reproduction enhance this value further and lead me to conclude that the NHT magic has been preserved -- and then some -- in the Classic Three." More of that review here.

The Perfect Vision's ( Chris Martens said: "As I see it, whether listeners are spending $800 or $80,000 on a new pair of loudspeakers, they want the same thing—namely, to get as close as possible to the heart and soul of the music. No other affordable bookshelf speaker I’ve heard does a better job of that than NHT’s Classic Threes". More of that review here.

Acoustic Suspension:  Like most NHT speakers the Classic Three is an Acoustic suspension design - no ports or holes in the cabinet.  We use the air (natures most perfect spring) that is trapped in the cabinet to control and damp the woofer cone motion.  Acoustic suspension system require not only specific design expertise but also tighter parts and materials tolerances. The benefits are well documented - smooth, natural midrange, low distortion, high power handling and smooth bass rolloff - an important benefit when blending speakers with subwoofers seamlessly.

Three-Way: The Classic Three is a 3-way design (unusual as most bookshelf speakers are 2-way designs) using a custom designed 6.5”, very long throw anodized aluminum cone woofer in a NHT designed BMC (Bulk Moulding Compound) frame that offers very low resonance.  The speakers also features NHT’s proprietary Tweeter/Midrange module that sports a 3/4" tweeter and 2" dome midrange - both with anodized aluminum diaphragms. This compact array keeps the drivers in close proximity to each other improving phase (multi-driver timing) coherence. Using 3 drivers also reduces distortion and allows the woofer to concentrate on bass reproduction.

The Cabinet: The Three is made with CNC-milled ¾” and 1” MDF with extensive internal bracing for rigidity which avoids unwanted resonances. The cabinet has variable radiuses flanking the midrange/tweeter module which helps to randomize the upper frequency diffraction effects.  The cabinet's curved top and bottom and hand-rubbed, high gloss piano-black finish lend a sense of timelessness to its visual aspect. Classic Three's are sold and packaged individually.

Mounting: If you need to wall mount the Classic Threes, the inserts on the back are specifically made to accommodate the Vantage Point BSM brackets
 - available here on Need speaker stands?  Go here.

Adding a Subwoofer: Adding a NHT Classic subwoofer to a pair of Classic Threes will extend the bass an additional octave, further reduce distortions, and improve dynamics. We recommend the
Classic B-12d for the perfect match followed by the Classic B-10d.  

Mixing and Matching: Building a home theater system?  All NHT speakers are designed and voiced with the same design goals so you have the freedom to use any of our Classic Series center channel speakers.  That said, corner us in a dark bar and we'll likely recommend the
Classic TwoC or Classic ThreeC center channel speakers as the best choice. Rear speakers? Again, a perfect match would be more Classic Threes for surround and back channels but many people opt for the Absolute Wall Speakers in Black or White because of their compact size. 

The Company: Let’s not forget that you’re buying an NHT speaker and that means all sorts of things. It means you care about getting the best speaker value for your hard earned money. It means and you care about quality craftsmanship and high-end performance. It means you’re ready to join our family of fanatics who love music, movies and the best gear that produces them. Welcome to the club, now tell your friends. Now Hear This!


(31) Reviews

Nice looking and sounding bookshelf...

I am very pleased to see you folks did not go under. There are many speaker makers but you guys offer products with the price to performance ratio that folks like me are looking for. Ride out the storm and prosper my friends. The 3's paired with my Nad c275 sounds fantastic. I am a convert and will stay with NHT for all my speaker needs.




Awesome! Every bit as good as Absolute Sound Says they are!

After Reading the incredible review that the Absolute Sound gave the Threes, I bought some, and absolutely love them, so much so that I bought another pair for my rears, I thought that adding such a large speaker for my rear surround speakers would be unnecessary and would probably be unjustified. But to my amazement they made a huge difference. I wouldn't have it any other way!

Mike Bollinger

Midvale, Utah



I purchased these and paid much more for them... I see now they are $200.00 less a pair. What a deal. They were well worth the cash I put out for them last year. These are by far, let me say that again... By Far.... the best sounding book shelf speakers I have heard in all my years purchasing HiFi. Just buy them... you will not be disappointed.... I promise.


Canandaigua, NY


Awesome speakers!

I bought these 2 years back, and sold them on a whim. I am the typical "audiophool" who keeps swapping gear just to hear whats out there. After going around for sometime, i have returned to all NHT setup. I love its sound and finish. I cannot find anything like this anywhere near its price and beyond.


Dallas, TX


Great Product

These Speakers Sound Great !


Miami - FL



Beautiful sound. I love these speakers. 3-way - acoustic suspension, it just makes sense to me for a more accurate sound, and the proof is hearing these speakers! Even at low volumes you can hear full dynamic range. The highs are clear and crisp yet never “over the edge”. The midrange is so very, very clean and never “over bearing”. Vocals and acoustic instruments sound natural and true. Drums and other percussion sound amazing. The lows are accurate and deep. I wanted accurate bass more than anything in a bookshelf speaker and the 3’s deliver it. The speakers do sound better with the grills off, but either way they sound great! If you can afford these speakers, buy them. If you can’t afford them, buy them anyway. All speakers should sound this good...

Kelly B.

Indianola, Iowa


Surprisingly good

I just bought these on sale from an online retailer a few weeks ago, and already I'm impressed. I upgraded from KEF iQ's, and these definitely surpass them in terms of bass quality and overall sound tone. Easily the best looking speakers I've seen at this price range too. Very solid stuff.




Love these speakers!

I love these speakers. They are small but have a huge sound that fills up my living room. They are crisp and clear and I'm thrilled with the purchase. Not only do they have a powerful sound, they look great too. I'd buy them again in a heartbeat!

Amy Levine

Oakland, CA


Accurate, great depth of field.

I can't believe after all these years (40+) of purchasing high dollar speakers that these inexpensive speakers surpass all of them. Midrange is great and do these beautiful speakers project an image? Yes! Great rythum and punch as well. Great job NHT! I have them on 24" Target MR stands driven by a Pass Aleph 5 amp, Benchmark DAC and an Olive D4 source. Bad a$. I'm finding stuff in the music that I've listened to for years that I've never heard before.Happy to own them.

Ted Williams

Oak View, CA


Delicious for the ears

I don't know how to describe what I hear in the proper audiophile terms, but I do know these speakers sound fantastic! I listen to a lot of music, I listen for the details, and I can hear the difference when speakers sound good. And these sound great! So clear, loud or soft. I'm using them with a mid range 90's Denon integrated amp, but nothing special. Given how great they sound, I can't even imagine how extraordinary they must sound with a proper amp (next on my list)! I think the three-way design reproduces the full range of tones nicely, along with a sub. I've been listening to them just about all day in my studio for a month, and I'm still excited to sit down and listen every time I walk in. As an artist, music helps my creative process, and I can tell you these definitely contribute. Now I need to justify spending the money for more for my living room and bedroom!

Cory S.



Fantastic speakers!

I've had a lot of high end speakers over the past twenty years and up until I purchased the NHT Classic three's, I never thought I would find one that could compete with the Paradigm Studio 20's ver. 2 (which I think is one of the best bookshelf speakers ever made.) Well, not only did I find the NHT Classic Three's could compete with the Paradigm's, they were actually better in almost every aspect! The midrange is fantastic and the bass is punchy and well controlled. The highs are detailed and smooth. The soundstage is also unreal... you definitely don't feel like you are listening to speakers. Nice job NHT, you have a customer for a very long time.


San Francisco


Reviews are right!

I am using the Classic Threes in my main listening area, which measures about 23'Wx15'D with very high ceilings, and the speakers fill the room with beautiful sound. They were my first NHT purchase and truth be told, when I bought them, it was mostly due to the positive reviews and for the "special dark" finish which I thought looked nice. But boy was I blown away by their performance. The mids and highs are extremely accurate and the bass is likely acceptable for many casual listeners. As a testament to how impressed I am with NHT products, I have since purchased a Classic 3 center, an Evolution U2 dual subwoofer system, an A1 sub amp, X1 crossover, and Superzero 2.0s - all from NHT! I couldn't be happier with the performance, quality and value of NHT products. BTW, I am powering everything with a Rotel 1075 amp.


Oakland, CA


These speakers are too good to hog; I hope I help you sell more of them.

Just wanted to let you know that I very much enjoyed visiting NHT's show room in Benicia this past Friday. Not only did I have the opportunity to audition and buy a great, affordable product, I received such excellent, personal touch service. The NHT Classic Three's are the best speakers I've ever owned. I managed to get everything set-up today. A break in time wasn't necessary; they sound terrific right out of the box. They truly compliment my classic SONY STR V5 85 watt/channel monster receiver. I'm listening to it right now as I write this e-mail. Today I listened to a 200 g vinyl pressing of Miles Davis' "Kind of Blue" and a 180 g import vinyl pressing of Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon". At my young son's request, who helped me set things up, we listened to some Beach Boys classic songs and a collection of theme songs from the James Bond films. The speaker output is solid and clear in the high, mid, and low ranges. I've found that the flat setting on my tone controls is just right, and the speakers produce great depth and texture in the music. Hearing Shirley Bassey sing the theme song to the film "Goldfinger" was a treat. I look forward to discovering new sounds and interpretations when I play the rest of my music collection on these great speakers.


Lodi, California


Without a doubt the best quality and value speakers on the market

took a leap of faith and ordered a complete set of the classic 3's 2 months ago and have been really pleased with the performance of these speakers. You can do all your online search and forums, most reviewers, from the casual listener who appreciates good sounding speakers to the expert with technical equipment to measure the output and everybody else in between, these speakers are as good as it gets. My concerns for ordering these speakers online and not seeing it in person were: 1. potentially receiving it damage 2. how these speakers would sound compare to PSB, Paradigm, B&W, Monitor Audio, Totem, et al. Regarding concern #1, I was very please with how carefully and well packed the speakers were with quality packing material that fit snug in the box and can be reuse too. Everything arrived in excellent condition. #2. I demo'd all the speakers mention above and I have to say NHT excelled in all areas including good depth, wide sound stage, clean and accurate sound, excellent channel separation, and the midrange is amazing! This is truly a unique design and the 3 way bookshelf speaker are a rarity at this price range. After a 1 month of listening to the classic 3's I realize that I do not realize the speakers are there anymore. I wonder if NHT has consider or is playing around with the idea of using bamboo as an alternative to the MDF for their cabinets...I've heard bamboo can do amazing thing and I hope NHT explores this possibility. Great product, people and company. Thanks!


Toronto, ON


Superb speakers, tremendous sound in a small package

I imagine there are speakers that produce better sound in a cabinet the size of the Classic Threes, but I would expect them to cost many times what these cost. A single 6.5" woofer in a sealed cabinet seems like a configuration for good, but not exceptional bass response ... but these deliver full, rich, and dynamic bass, to the envy of many full tower speakers. These currently serve as front L/R in my theater, and my Denon 4311 sets the crossover at 40Hz - NHT's not kidding! The first bookshelves I have heard that truly provide "full range" sound without a subwoofer. They deliver outstanding transient response, smoothness, and accuracy from low bass to the highest treble - this is especially noticeable in midrange by comparison, as other reviewers have indicated - but their low end is the most surprising. I do have to add that unless you use the theater for music listening, these are almost wasted in a home theater. Movie soundtracks often direct 50 to 70% of the sound to the center, and thus they don't get the opportunity to perform. (Which is why a ThreeC is essential.) The Classic Threes deserve to be heard, and thus I recommend them for dedicated 2.0 or 2.1 listening, where they'll deliver all of their value. (For music, they do pair excellently with a small sealed sub, I've used them very successfully with Emotiva's Ultra 12.) That said, they're not coming out of my theater anytime soon! Don't be surprised if you look forward to coming home every day just to spend a few hours listening to these. I know I did, and often still do.


Dallas, TX


Best I've ever heard

I just wanted to heap some more praise on these terrific speakers. Imaging is fabulous, low end is deep and super-tight, mids and highs are amazingly smooth. I was unable to afford a sub at the time of purchase, and thought I'd really miss it. But, I can honestly say it's not necessary for music listening. I can't believe the solid low end from such a small box and driver. I'm using the Threes in a simple 2-channel setup and, as another reviewer said, I find myself just wanting to come home in the evening and spend time listening.


Franklin, TN



Funny finally after many years of being down the Canadian dollar is now at par with the US dollar . Yet in Canada at least in BC NHT prices are still way over inflated , is this to make the dealer look like a great human being by giving a huge discount ? hey buddy I like your shoes wanna a huge discount on some NHT? . Or is it to make a hella profit like cheap house brands from the 80z? I agree NHT isn't trash . I just see some sorta game being played around the Vancouver area perhaps some over inflation .

NHT Replies: 

Every Dealer in N. America (inc.  Canada) pays the same price for NHT products.  What a dealer chooses to sell them for is their decision - not NHT's.  Depending on where a dealer is located and how much products they buy will determine how much, if any shipping charges need to be added to the price (we help them with shipping costs too just like we do consumers) and again their decision to add or not add the shipping/duty cost to the products price. 

Where you choose to buy is your choice as well. You can choose to buy locally and enjoy local demonstration, service and support - keep in mind there may be a cost associated with that level of service and only you can decide if it is worth it.  You can buy direct from NHT as well and pay the shipping costs - that total cost to your door can be calculated on our website - keep in mind UPS charges some additional fees that are not included in the UPD shipping charges but are if you use FedEx/USPS.  Your local dealer may or may not choose to match this price - ask them!

Ian C

Coquitlam BC


Very Nice

I've owned NHT speakers for fifteen years. I recently took advantage of their sale and upgraded my SB2 fronts to Classic Three. I was already used to the disappearing speaker effect and the new ones didn't disappoint. While the SB2s gave me very nice detail in the mids and uppers, these new ones are that much better. I listen to a lot of classical music and vocals, bells, triangles, woodwinds and brass sections in the orchestras really shine with amazing clarity. I'm slightly disappointed with some louder choral music when the soprano section gets cranking, hoping for a bit more clarity. Just about everything else sounds wonderful so I'm not sure if this is a limitation of the speaker, the recordings or my room. Besides classical, while not quite my taste, I tried some concert videos on Netflix with loud pop style music. When blending the mains with the sub (NHT SubTwoi), it sounded excellent, even though it was streamed audio, so I know the system could handle things with the volume cranked up. Movies also sounded wonderful. As far as configuring things, I found that what worked best was to set the cutoff for the Threes and Sub at 80hz. One might think I'm wasting all the low end on these speakers by doing so, but it is what made the material sound the most natural. Anyway, I bought these speakers for the mids and highs since the sub already handles the low end with aplomb. I also find the Classic Three to be gorgeous, although I would have preferred the rails on the bottom to be all black as I find they detract slightly from the look.


Niagara Falls, NY


Best $-5K Speakers

I wanted you to know that I got a bug just after I received the 3’s and (B-12d) sub to go out and spend 4 or $5000.00 on a new set of main speakers. I was able to bring my Classic Three’s to the store’s to directly compare them. What Fun!! Well, my humble 3’s beat two out of three of the speakers I compared them to!!! Focal Chorus 836W @ $4950.00 a pair, and Totem Forrest at $3990.00 a pair. I cant tell you how amazed I was, as I was very impressed with both these speakers when I auditioned them on there own the first time. The ones that beat the Classic Three’s were the PSB Synchrony One @ $4995.00 a pair. Better yes, but not by much!! How the heck did you come up with these amazing speakers. Hell, my Classic Three and B-12d sub combination are only $1600.00 for the whole set. There seems to be some sort of magic at work some where here. Seriously, I can’t believe what I have for the money! I am using a Bryston B-135sst2 integrated amplifier (which I only just received) and a Simaudio Moon CD player as my source. I wish I knew a way you could let more people living in Canada know how incredible your speakers are! Suffice to say, after those experiences I will be keeping my Classic Three’s and B-12d combination for a very very long time. Thanks again for the gift of music...

Doug MacGregor



The Absolute Best!

I have owned about 15 pairs of high end speakers in the past several years. If you name the brand, I've probably tried it. I can honestly say none compare to the Classic Three. From the moment I opened the box and unpacked the speaker, I knew this was the one for me. Amazing quality in today's world of cost cutting. From the build quality to the ultra impressive sound, the speakers are amazing! It is the first time in a long time that I've thought I got more than I paid for with an audio product (especially compared to other brands I've tested at home). If you get these when NHT runs a sale they are an absolute steal. Heck,to me they are a steal at twice the full asking price. I have the Super Zero 2.0 and Super 8 sub in a second system now and highly recommend that product as well.I didn't think I could do much better but the Classic Three is a nice step up and worth the extra coin. If you are searching for "the best" like I was and wasting a lot of cash in the process, give these a shot. I think you would be very happy for a long time to come.


Scranton, PA


Impressive performers, great value, not crazy about the finish

I once had a pair of rear-ported bookshelf speakers and I loved them until the day I moved and had to position them against the wall, yikes! They changed on me! The Classic 3 is a very impressive bookshelf speaker that sounds great on stands, but can also work positioned close to a wall or on a shelf or close to other boundaries thanks to the lack of a port, front or rear. Classic acoustic suspension here. Bass extension is impressive, and the clarity with which acoustic instruments are reproduced evokes descriptions like smooth and clean rather than harsh and forward. I auditioned them for a delightful week and was quite pleased with everything I played, the gamut included jazz, vocals, classical, rock, electronica. In many settings they will not need a subwoofer, but of course these critters will benefit from a companion that can deliver those lower octaves for impressive cinema sound effects or the full range of acoustic bass. Add the companion ThreeC and you have an amazing LCR set up for home theater which mates together perfectly in the sonic domain. Yes, there are better sounding speakers out there, I've heard many of them over the years at friend's houses and the CES High End Audio Show, however, I can say confidently that any speaker that out-performs the Classic Three will no doubt come with a higher price tag, there is no doubt as far as that's concerned. Forget what reviews say about these or any other speaker, trust your ears, Luke! My only serious gripe with the Classic Threes is that I'm not crazy about the shiny piano-black finish. I prefer warm tones in my visual field. I understand wood veneers add substantially to the cost of speakers and NHT is all about great sound at moderate prices and thus the one-finish-fits-all approach makes sense, put your money where the sound is, and yet, it would be nice if wood finishes were at least an option. I would gladly pay more for wood finish. because for my decor, shiny black speakers that look like something Darth Vader would have in his den just don't work for me in the end. But when you close your eyes you will quickly forget what the Classic Threes look like as you are transported right into the music, with the full range of sonic colors painting a picture of musical pleasure.


Boston, MA


Holy Sh*t!!!

These have got to be, without a doubt, the best bang for your buck speakers on the market. I'm using 3s for my fronts, a 3C for the center and 2s for surrounds with a Classic 12 sub and all I can say is.....holy sh*t!!!!!Words just can't express how effing good these speakers are. Just buy 'em. You won't be disappointed, I promise. Oh, and just for fun, I go to audio dealers around town and listen to systems in their showroom. After hearing speakers costing many times the price of these, when the salesman asks me what I think, I like to tell him "Well, I've got NHTs at home.....". The look on his face is priceless. I always walk away smiling.


New Orleans


Love these speakers.

Traded up from my Super Ones to Classic Threes. Could have not made a better decision. I live near the NHT headquarters so I was abel to audition them in their showroom. The owners were my sales person, nice. A great experience. The Threes sound so rich and full. Do not need to use my Classic Ten sub sometimes. The do blend perfectly with the sub however. A great speakers at great price. My HT is now complete. Thanks NHT

Richard Perkins

Pleasant Hill CA


Warm and Responsive

I had to replace a pair of NHT ST-4 towers with bookshelf units after I remodeled my office. I decided to try a pair of JBL L830's. They appeared to have specs similar to these Classic 3's, and I them at a price I couldn't turn down. After a couple of months of regular use, I found the JBL's way too crisp. I never really understood "listener fatigue" until hearing them. I missed the well-rounded range of my ST-4's! Well, I think I can admit that I have NHT ears now. These Classic 3's are every bit as impressive as my old towers, despite not having a subwoofer in tow. Their low-end output is full and bouncy, and the top-end is clear and even, without any hissy, spiking, abrasive treble like the JBL units. These Classic 3's are worth every penny, and they look incredibly good on a countertop.


Pasadena, CA



I first fell in love with NHT sound way back in the mid 80s with the super zeros. I had been accustomed to (i.e., spoiled by) the accuracy of acoustic suspension designs. Most manufacturers do bass reflex because it is easier and cheaper to get big bass out of a small enclosure that way. The Classic Threes are VERY close in overall performance to my $5500 panel speakers that I owned for over 10 years! Right out of the box, I noticed that they threw a very wide and deep soundstage, something more akin to British, Canadian, and French designs in the $2500+ range. They DO take awhile to break in, however: They don't fully open up until about 100 hours of play. (My big panels took twice that long, for comparison purposes.) One caveat: banana plugs are optimal with these, as it takes "lady fingers" with man-strength to tighten the binding posts when using spade lugs, as the posts are very close together and set into a fairly small recess on the back panel. (A rubber-coated binding post "gripping" wrench would be a nice addition.) One surprise was that they require much less power than their sensitivity rating would suggest. AND, they excel at low-level detail, unlike big planars. On a final note, if you are planning to use these with a sub, I recommend crossing them over at 60 hz or so. (I am using high-quality inline "chokes" for my setup.) Though they play cleanly into the 40s in-room, they open up even more when they are freed of low-bass demands. Nothing in this price range comes even remotely close! I certainly hope you guys will be around for many more years, because the audio / video industry would suffer a great loss without NHT. Bravo!!!

Michael Deeb

Bellingham, WA, USA


Doesn't Get Much Better Than This!

These are a great speaker period. Being priced under $1,000 a pair...well, that makes them an amazing speaker! Purchased mine just before Christmas and wanted to wait a couple months before I wrote a review. Integrated amp = Marantz PM7001 / CD Player = Marantz CD5001 and they are doing the job just fine. I can't believe how balanced these speakers are. The sound stage is second to none and the lows are quick, accurate and sound li,e they should. The highs are great, not too bright or harsh at all. The mids.....oh the mids are simply jaw dropping. I wish I still had my JoLida 302b to extract every ounce of sweetness out of these amazing speakers. BTW, they look top notch also! Great job NHT!


Bellevue, NE


Whatta sound!

Its been more than 6 years now that iam using classic three with my new ampT+A Powerplant amplifier,Hegel Dac 11,the sound is amazing with amazing wide sound stage and neutrality. Ive listened and owned b&w speakers 700 series, honestly icannot compete with classic three . Oytun DILER Istanbul-Turkey 05/05/2014

Oytun Diler



Should I go see a doctor about this?

So here I am, listening to some rock recordings and I think to myself: “either I have some hearing problems or something is wrong with my setup”. Why is the hi hat off to the side? Balance is even, distance from speakers to listening position are the same, toe angle is equal… everything checks out. Seriously, do I have a problem in my right ear? Turns out, professional stereo recordings tend to position the kick and snare in the center while moving other items off to the sides to create a sense of “space”. Who the heck knew? It takes a stage like the one these speakers create to open your eyes to such things. Eureka! Passion, love and knowledge are some of the ingredients necessary to make a product of this caliber. I would like to thank all the folks at NHT for awakening my appreciation for music. A fantastic product coupled with top notch customer service! You have earned my loyalty.


San Mateo, CA


Move from SB3 was worth it !

I found NHT speakers years ago when the SB3 was introduced as an alternative to smaller floorstanding speakers. After living happily with the SB3 for sever years I finally upgraded to the Classic 3s this spring. The Classics maintain the NHT sound of the SB3s while adding more clarity up top and a more defined bottom. I use the Classic 3s in a 15' x 20' room with 12' ceilings and they fill it without effort. I love these speakers and recommend them to others regularly.


Portland, OR


Now Hear This! These are high value audiophile speakers.

These are the second pair of NHT I have had the pleasure to own, the first being the NHT 1.3. I purchased the NHT Classic Three a week ago as of this review and was bowed over by the great sound. I then packed them up and went to my brother's house to compare them to his Focal Chorus 807 W Prestige Loudspeakers which retail at $1599 USD per pair. The French made Focal speakers are serious "High End" speakers. So how does the Classic Three compare to the Chorus 807 which cost much more? The Focal speakers have larger woofer and ported box that imparted a cleaner and fuller bass than the Classic Three could, but the neither was the Classic Three a slouch in the bass department. Where Classic Three had the upper hand was in the rest of the of the sound. Its midrange was a bit warmer and smoother and integrated well the treble which was never etched or strident. My brother was impressed as well as I was. For the technically minded, has measurements of both speakers and if you study the frequency response graphs you'll see that the Classic Three have a flatter frequency response. In conclusion I would have to say The Classic Three are simply great speakers and when taking the price into consideration - stunning. Help spread the word!

Joel Gonzalez

Austin, TX


Longtime NHT Lover

I have had NHT speakers in service continuously since my first pair of Model 1s. In my office I have a pair of KEF RDM 2 bookshelfs that are still one of best sounding pair of breadbox-sized speakers I've ever owned. Unfortunately KEF no longer makes parts for them. They are just a blown tweeter away from being goners. The Classic 3 has all the sweet midrange and a lot more bass extension than the RDM 2. The KEF wins on phase coherence and full range dispersion. But when placed carefully, the slightly more directional nature of the NHTs pays huge imaging dividends. To this day I have not heard a speaker that could paint a 3-dimensional image like a pair of NHTs. My Model 1s, while not the last word in treble extension, were an absolute 1990s revelation to a guy that had been listening to Infinity and JBL as a teenager. You could hear stuff behind you with those little bevel-faced, Formica-clad wonders. NHT has kept their secret sauce intact with the Classic 3. It has all of the midrange sweetness I love in the late 1990s pre-merger KEF designs, but totally owns them in the imaging department. If you own a pair of Classic 3s, one of the most entertaining parts of ownership is experimenting with placement. These are not as directional as previous NHT models. But they have enough directionality to really allow you to tweak the sweet spot. When you get it right, mark your floor. Then rediscover your best recordings.


Green Bay, WI



System Type - Bookshelf speaker 

Configuration - 3-way, acoustic suspension design

Cabinet material -  30mm front baffle, All others panels plus braces 18mm

Woofer - 6.5" anodized aluminum cone 

Midrange - 2" 
anodized aluminum dome  

Tweeter - 3/4" 
anodized aluminum dome  

Frequency Response - 45Hz-20kHz  

Crossover Frequencies - 800Hz, 3.2kHz 

Crossover Slopes - 12dB LP, 12dB HP, 18dB LP, 18dB HP

Sensitivity - 87dB (2.83v@1m) 

Impedance - 8 ohms nominal, 4 ohms minimum 

Power Handling - 150W

Magnetically Shielded - Yes

Inputs - 2 each nickel plated 5-way binding posts 

Speaker Dimensions - 13.75" x 7.5" x 10.375" (H x W x D)  

Width between shelf rails tips- 4.75"

Speaker Weight - 17 lbs./7.7 kg each

Shipping Weight - 20 lbs/9 kg each

Finish - High Gloss Black Laquer with Clear Coats

Packaged and sold individually.



Owners Manual

Owners Manual

Online Reviews

The Absolute Sound PDF

Stereophile PDF