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Classic Two Bookshelf Speaker - Black

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MSRP: $379.99

Price: $329.99

 Sorry, temporarily out of stock. More due in by mid to late May, 2015

Sorry, temporarily out of stock. More due in by mid to late May, 2015

Product Information

NHT’s first product was a 2-way bookshelf speaker - the Model 1, with many similarities to the Two. We have always felt that a good 2-way design was hard to beat, particularly for music playback. The Classic Two continues that tradition. In this 5th generation version, we have managed to add an additional half-octave of bass extension, improved the soundstage and off-axis response, removed lots of distortion and diffraction and still kept the sweet and accurate midrange for which NHT speakers are known for.  

The Classic Two is a premium 2-way, acoustic suspension bookshelf speaker design. No ports or holes. Like all 
Classic Series speakers, we use air, nature's most perfect spring force to control the woofer motion - the reason for its clean midrange and low distortion. Its driver compliment is a custom designed 6.5” woofer and the same tweeter assembly used in the Absolute Zero - a remarkable 1" ferro-fluid cooled neodymium magnet marvel of engineering and production. The Classic Two uses a carefully engineered 2nd order crossover to divide the frequencies between the woofer and tweeter.  The system is magnetically shielded as we know there are a few TV's using CRTs still in service.

Connections are made in the back of the speaker via 2 all metal nickel-plated binding posts that will accept 10 guage bare wire, BFAs,  1" spaced dual banana connectors, single banana connectors or spade lugs with 1/4" spacing. The speaker comes with user applied feet - aluminum rails with a butyl rubber inserted in a center channel to keep them secure and quiet on a table top or shelf. We leave them off in shipping because the Classic Two's cabinet's curves look beautiful when wall or ceiling mounted without them - don't throw them away when unpacking the speakers.

Although we always recommend a subwoofer like the 
Classic B-10d or B-12d for home theater use, the Two has enough bass that a subwoofer is optional for most music playback in small to medium size rooms (orchestral/hip-hop/organ/bass freaks will need a high quality subwoofer. Like the Absolute Zero, the Classic Two enclosure is made with 15-30mm MDF (medium density fiberboard), internally braced twice to eliminate any mechanical resonances. It’s finished with 2 primer layers, 7 color coats and 2 clear coats of black or white paint, hand-rubbed between coats. Sold and packaged individually.

If you need to wall mount, the inserts on the back are specifically made to accommodate the Vantage Point BSM mounts - available here on

Building a home theater system?  All NHT speakers are designed and voiced with the same design goals so you have the freedom to use any of our Classic Series center channel speaker.  That said, corner us in a dark bar and well likely recommend the Classic TwoC center channel as the best choice.  Rear speakers?  Again, a perfect match would be more Classic Twos for surround and back channels but most people opt for the Absolute Wall Speaker in black  or white because of their compact size.

The Company - Let’s not forget that you’re buying an NHT speaker and that means all sorts of things. It means you care about getting the best speaker value for your hard earned money. It means and you care about quality craftsmanship and high-end performance. It means you’re ready to join our family of fanatics who love music, movies and the best gear that produces them. Welcome to the club, now tell your friends. Now Hear This!


(3) Reviews

Classic Two Speaker

This is a good speaker. It is neutral and not forward or laid back. The music sounds more balanced and right. The tweeter is detailed and not hard or sharp. Piano, horns and guitar are good and clear with no ear fatigue. The new woofer is improved with better bass and nice midrange. Voices are clear and open with all music. This speaker is also real good for home theater. Well done NHT!

Jim Z

San Angelo, Tx


Anointed Soundz Home Theater

I am a custom installer who has been installing NHT products for years. The product sounds so amazing it can't honestly be expressed in words!!! We have never gotten any returns or complaints on the product and that alone speaks volumes within itself. The staff and support is also amazing. I am committed to this product for life, and I heavily encourage anyone in the market for a sound system of any type to travel to your nearest dealer to audition any piece of the NHT product it all, literally all of their products are built to amaze and over deliver!!!! Thank all of you guys at NHT for building products that truly sell themselves!!!

David McBride

Grand Prairie Texas


Holy Sh*t!!!

These have got to be, without a doubt, the best bang for your buck speakers on the market. I'm using 3s for my fronts, a 3C for the center and 2s for surrounds with a Classic 12 sub and all I can say is.....holy sh*t!!!!!Words just can't express how effing good these speakers are. Just buy 'em. You won't be disappointed, I promise. Oh, and just for fun, I go to audio dealers around town and listen to systems in their showroom. After hearing speakers costing many times the price of these, when the salesman asks me what I think, I like to tell him "Well, I've got NHTs at home.....". The look on his face is priceless. I always walk away smiling.


New Orleans



System type - Bookshelf Speaker

Configuration - 2-way acoustic suspension design 

Cabinet Material - 30mm MDF front baffle, all other plus braces 15mm

Woofer – 6.5” polypropylene cone

Tweeter - 1” aluminum dome

Frequency Response - 51Hz- 20kHz

Crossover Frequency – 3 kHz

Crossover Slopes – 3kHz 18dB HP, 18dB LP

Sensitivity - 86dB

Impedance - 6 ohms nominal, 4.3 ohms minimum

Power Handling - 125W

Inputs – 2 each nickel plated 5-way binding posts

Speaker Dimensions - 12.125"Hx 7"Wx 8.875"D 

Speaker Weight - 12.7 lbs./5.8 kg each

Shipping weight - 16 lbs/7.3 kg each

Width between Shelf Rail Tips - 4 1/2"

Finish - High Gloss Black 

Sold Individually

Wall or Ceiling Bracket Type: Omnimount 20.0 (available at