Where to buy? It’s Your Choice.

You have different choices of where you can buy NHT speakers, electronics and accessories. All these choices come with NHT’s 5 year parts and labor speaker warranty and genuine NHT factory support. Some options offer additional local service and support, demonstration and installation services. If you need any additional help or questions about finding a place to buy NHT speakers, electronics and accessories call 1-800-NHT-9993 or write us at help@nhthifi.com.

Factory Direct

Now you can buy NHT speakers, electronics and accessories directly from the NHT Factory Online Store! Shop from your home or office and have NHT speakers delivered factory direct to your door. When you buy from the NHT Showroom we guaranty your complete satisfaction - try them in your own home, office or studio for 30 days and fall in love, make sure they’re perfect – if not, return them for a full refund. When you purchase products factory direct from NHT we also automatically register your speaker (and any other products) and activate the warranty. The link will take to the store shopping page.

Retailer or Custom Installer

Need an installer? Want to demo some NHT speakers? Need some local advise? This is a list of retail stores, custom installers, system integrators, and audio video consultants that are authorized to sell NHT products. We always recommend you call for an appointment to make sure they offer the products or services you are looking for. Find a store near you here.

US Internet Retailers

NHT has partnered with some of the finest Internet retailers on the planet for customers residing in the USA. Each one offers there own particular style, selection and presentation.

International Sales

When in Rome? NHT has agreements with Distributors in different countries around the world to provide accesss to NHT products and to service them. If there is not a NHT Distributor in your country you can buy NHT Products Factory Direct. We ship International orders every day and are familiar with international shipping and handling customs paperwork. Shipping may be expensive but in the end, you’ll be paying the same price you would pay if you bought from a local dealer. The link will take you to a list of active International Distributors

Why Buy From An Authorized Dealer?

Your satisfaction is our primary concern. Here at NHT, we have carefully selected dealers to be officially authorized to sell NHT products based on their commitment to you, our customer. They are knowledgeable about the products, and sell only new, factory-fresh NHT speakers and accessories. We strongly recommend that you purchase your NHT speakers only from an authorized dealer or direct from us on the Web site. Unfortunately, there are a number of on-line retailers who sell NHT product without our sanction or authorization. Our concern is that you (and we) have no way of knowing if these products are new, factory-fresh NHT speakers. We have fielded too many calls from customers who thought they were saving a few dollars (and who doesn’t want to do that?) only to be bitterly disappointed when they received product that was altered or repackaged. File the following, ever-changing list of unauthorized sellers under “Buyer Beware!” and keep your wallet in your front pocket.

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