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NHT Super Stereo

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MSRP: $600.00

Price: $499.00


Product Information

A boat load of SuperZero 2.1's arrive on 7/25. 

This is a no-brainer. Buy the SuperZero 2.1 mini monitors and Super 8 subwoofer together and save a small bundle! This Super Stereo speaker system contains a pair of the fabulous SuperZero 2.1 mini monitors and Super 8 subwoofer that together create a formidable high-end, full-range stereo speaker system when used with a good quality receiver or amplifier with 40 watts per channel or more. This Super Stereo speaker system is designed specifically for those with great taste but limited budget. Even though this 3-piece speaker system is very small and compact, it will fill a small to medium size room with music quite easily. This Super Stereo system can also work effectively in larger rooms if the listening distance is reasonable close. It is also a great system for 2nd zone applications and a great starter system to build a home theater system from.

There are a few ways to hook this speaker system to your receiver or amplifier. You can hook the SuperZero 2.0 mini monitors directly to your receiver’s speaker terminals and the subwoofers to the receiver subwoofer out. In the speaker setup menu, set the crossover to “small” or crossover at 100Hz. Alternatively if your receiver does not have subwoofer outputs you can hook the speaker wires directly to the Super8 subwoofer and then connect speaker wires from the subwoofers speaker outputs to the SuperZero 2.1. There is a built-in 100Hz high pass crossover built into the subwoofer that will cut off the bass from the SuperZero’s that will allow them to play loudly and blend perfectly with the Super8 subwoofer. 

Don’t forget the: 

Speaker wire. 
Subwoofer interconnecting cable. 
Speaker stands. 
Speaker wall and ceiling mount brackets (Omnimount 10.0). 
iPod dock. 
All strangely available at

The Company - Let’s not forget that you’re buying NHT speakers and accessories from and that means all sorts of things. It means you care about getting the best speaker value for your hard earned money. It means and you care about quality craftsmanship and high-end performance. It means you’re ready to join our family of fanatics who love music, movies and the best gear that produces them. Welcome to the club, now tell your friends.


(3) Reviews

Go-to recommendation for friends and family

As a studio musician, great sound quality is tremendously important to me. I've spent tens of thousands of dollars on high-end stereo equipment throughout my life, so friends and family come to me for advice on what to buy. My dad, brother, and best friends all have NHT systems on my recommendation and love them. The Super Zero System is not only my bedroom system but also my top recommendation for anyone who wants great sound for a small room - regardless of their budget. The mid-range and highs are so clear and accurate that they reproduce everything I hear in the studio, but without any of the harshness that you can get from some very revealing speakers. The sub works great as long as the room size isn't too big. I don't know how NHT gets so much quality into such a low-priced package!


Colorado Springs



This $500 kit sounds better in my urban brownstone living room than the $2,500 electrostats I had before. Stellar performance and unbelievable value.




Awesome Product

I don't take the time to write many online reviews, but wanted to make an exception for these speakers paired with the Omnimount 10.0. Just an incredible little package that fits in and fills my 700 sq foot house with great tunes. Thanks NHT!





Model: SuperZero 2.1

  UPC Code: 898349001266  

  Finish: Black high gloss vinyl laminate

  System Type:  Acoustic Suspension 2 way, 2.4L 

  Cabinet Size: 9”H x 5.5”W x 5”D 

  Product Weight (pounds): 5.8 (2.6kg) 

  Shipping Dimensions: 11.6” x 7.9” x 7.8”

  Shipping Weight: 6 lbs (2.8kg)

  Tweeter:  1” soft dome

  Woofer: 4.5” paper cone 

  Magnetically shielded: Yes 

  Frequency Response: 85Hz - 20kHz +/-3dB

  Sensitivity:  87dB 

  Minimum Impedance: 4.5Ω

  Crossover:  2kHz, 12dB/oct. hi and lo pass

  Inputs: 5-way  binding posts

  Mounting Insert:  1/4” #20 threaded insert

  Mounting Bracket: Option Omnimount 10.0

Model number: Super 8 Powered Subwoofer

  UPC Code: 898349001198

  Cabinet Size: 11.2” Cube 

  Finish: Black high gloss vinyl

  Product Weight (pounds): 18.2 lbs.

  Shipping Dimensions Est: 15” x 15” x 15.5”

  Shipping Weight: 22 lbs.

  Woofer: 8” paper cone long throw

  Frequency Response: -3dB 37Hz - 210Hz

  Peak output @1M: 112dB @65Hz, 106dB @40Hz

  Amplifier Power: 110W, 4 ohms, 0.5% THD

  Amplifier Type: BASH 

  Inputs: LFE, L and R RCA and high level

  Outputs: Speaker Level 

  USB (for wireless signal and power)

  Adjustable Low Pass: 60-150Hz

  Phase: 0-180 degrees 2 position switched

  EQ: Music/Movie (0dB, +3dB @58Hz)



Owners Manual

Owners Manual

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