Product Information

There's no substitute for cubic inches. The SubTwo by NHT is the subwoofer your neighbors will never forget. Two potent 10" woofers, driven by 500 Watts of power, equals authoritative low frequency reproduction all the way to 21Hz. The SubTwo uses specially modified versions of our 2.9 subwoofer, in a rectangular enclosure that offers placement flexibility.

The driving force is provided by a built-in amplifier employing patented Sunfire technology, a design that boasts effortless power and high efficiency. The SubTwo Controller is a full rack-width processor with continuously variable tuning functions such as low-pass, high-pass and phase, as well as innovative dual-mode operation circuitry that optimizes its performance for either music reproduction or video soundtracks. The SubTwo Controller also offers the ability to run stereo subwoofers by connecting a second Su

A 20-foot extension cable (Model X-20) is available to accommodate longer runs between the subwoofer and Controller.


System Type:
Acoustic suspension subwoofer, amplified
Driver Complement:
Two 10" long-throw polypropylene woofers
Frequency Response:
21Hz - 180Hz, +/-3dB
Amplifier Power:
500W monaural at 0.3% THD

Low-Pass Crossover:
Continuously variable between 40-180Hz, 18dB/octave (defeatable)

High-Pass Crossover:
Continuously variable between 40-120Hz, 12db/octave
Other Features:
Dual mode operation, continuously variable bass boost and phase
Controller Connections:
Gold-plated RCA's, gold-plated barrier strips
Subwoofer Inputs:
8-pin mini-D.I.N. cable, 20' (supplied with Controller)
70 lbs., 27"H x 13"W x 16"D, high-gloss black laminate
5 lbs., 2"H x 16"W x 8"D, matte black anodized