Dan Cassin

As V.P. in charge of production at Centaur Records, Dan Cassin hears a lot of music. When your full time day job involves making sure every recording in the catalog sounds the best that it can be, you had better listen on top tier speakers. We recently caught up with Dan and asked him about his latest purchase – a brand new set of NHTs.

NHT: First, tell us about Centaur Records...

DC: Founded in 1976, Centaur is one of the oldest and largest independent classical labels in the U.S. Centaur recordings are available in major markets and download sites throughout the world. We currently have a back catalogue of about 850 titles. We average over 55 new releases per year.

NHT: What is your background in music/business?

DC: I am a cellist with many years of professional chamber, orchestral and teaching experience. I was always very interested in recording, from the time that I started doing studio sessions as a cellist, during the early 80’s.

NHT: So how did you hook up with the label?

DC: My initial contact with Centaur Records came when I approached the company with a string quartet project in 1989. I started working with them soon after that, learning the early digital editing software and producing and editing recordings. Since then, I have both produced and engineered many recordings for the label and continue to do so - while maintaining an active performing and teaching career. My work with Centaur has afforded me a well-rounded perspective of the music business, while balancing my personal musical and artistic experience

NHT: So which model of NHTs are you using?

DC: I am using the NHT Classic 3’s.

NHT: What made you choose them?

DC: I have read great things about the NHT line for years and finally decided that it was time to try a pair.

NHT: What do you like best about them?

DC: They provide a wonderfully involving listening experience on a wide variety of source material. The instrumental and vocal timbres are some of the most accurate that I have heard on a speaker to date. Their imaging is excellent. They really do “disappear” and deliver the music.