The Filter Loader software allows the software filters loaded into your XdA to be changed. The filters in the XdA allow it to be used with a particular speaker model (XdS, M-60, M-80, etc.) and for particular applications with the speaker model (dual bass module high output, lower crossover frequency, etc.) The Loader software also allows you to update the firmware in your XdA. Firmware is similar to the operating system on your computer. The Loader software is designed to run on the Windows operating system (2000 or Xp). The system requirements are as follows:

- Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP
- Microsoft .NET version 1.1 or later
- 1 USB Port v1.1 or 2.0

The Loader software may run on a Macintosh under OSX running Virtual PC. 

When prompted, save the software to a directory of your choice. Once the download is complete, navigate to that directory and double click on the file to begin installation of the software. Follow the directions in the installation prompts.

There is currently no way to determine which filter set is loaded into an XdA on the XdA itself. To determine which firmware version is loaded into an XdA, download, install and run the Filter Loader software. It will identify the firmware version in the connected XdA. 

Select which Xd speaker product you have:

XD Filters S/W
M60 Filters

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