TwoC Center Channel Speaker

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The TwoC is a center channel speaker that employs a 3-way, dual 5.25” woofer design with a proprietary .75” aluminum dome tweeter and 2” aluminum dome mid-range. 3-way designs are important to home theater center speakers because their dispersion is very wide across both horizontal and vertical planes. This translates to consistent tonality and detail regardless of positioning for the viewer. The use of four drivers in the TwoC is also notable for reducing distortion caused by power compression because the load is spread across multiple drivers. The tweeter/midrange are built into a single compact module which is also used in the NHT Classic Three and Four. Furthermore, the clustered drivers acoustically act as one, which generates extremely smooth response. Another appeal of the tweeter/midrange module is its low height which allows for maximum performance in a very low profile cabinet. Like all NHT products, build quality is superb in the TwoC, as the cabinet is internally braced to avoid unwanted cabinet resonances. In addition to traditional center channel use, the 2C can also be used as a left or right speaker when a low profile, low distortion solution is needed. Moreover, the TwoC is finished in NHT's luxurious piano black high-gloss finish to give it timeless appeal. As such, the TwoC is indispensible in any home theater setup.

System type
Center Channel Speaker

3-way, acoustic suspension design
Woofer - 2 x 5.25” polypropylene woofers
Midrange - 2” 
Tweeter - ¾” 

Cabinet Material
21 mm MDF baffle, all other panels and internal braces 15 mm

Piano high gloss black multi-coat with 2 acrylic clear coats 

Power Handling

Frequency Response

Crossover Frequency
800 Hz, 3.2 kHz 

Crossover Slopes 
12dB LP, 12dB HP, 18dB LP, 18dB HP 


8 ohms nominal, 4.7 ohms minimum

2 nickel plated 5-way binding posts 

Product Dimensions (H x W x D)
with rails 7" x 19.875" x 7.375"
without rails 6.25” x 19.875” x 7.375”

Weight | Shipping Weight                                                       
20 lbs./9 kg each | 22 lbs./10 kg each

Sold and Packaged Individually

Justin K.

TwoC Center Channel Speaker

Great Center, Great Dialogue


I picked up a TwoC to go along with some VT-2 towers (simply amazing sound stage reproduction btw). Movie dialogue via the TwoC is awesome. I no longer have to fiddle with volume levels when watching movies/shows as I did when I was running my previous center channel. Much of the content we watch is MP4 compressed and the TwoC reproduces crisp dialogue even with these compressed sources; something my previous center had a hard time with. Chris helped me out with my purchase and gave me some good advice as well. I'm really enjoying my new setup!

Adam A.


TwoC Center Channel Speaker

In 2000, I was obsessed with building the perfect home theater, I spent years researching and visiting hi-end retailers until I finally decided to throw down the green backs for the ultimate system (at least that I could afford). For 11 years my 2.5i’s, 1.5s, AC-1 and SubTwo have performed flawlessly. They have outperformed every system I have ever heard. Unfortunately, these speakers are not waterproof and they don’t bounce. After Hurricane Irene shorted my SubTwo and a contractor bounced my 1.5 off the floor, I was left looking for something that would match and compare to my legacy system. I went to big box stores where I could hear their offerings; I purchased a sub I thought might be comparable, only to be so disappointed I returned it the same day. Ultimately, I emailed NHT and got a call back over the weekend from John Johnsen (one of the owners). I soon discovered that not only was NHT still alive and well, but it was thriving with new products, lower price points and real support from an owner who knows what he is talking about. On John’s advice, I purchased a new B-12d to replace my SubTwo, the Absolute Towers to replace my 1.5s for my rear channels and I decided to upgrade the center to the TwoC, because if there was a low point of my legacy system, it was the center channel staging. I decided to keep the 2.5is in the front because they are still absolutely amazing speakers. The Absolute Towers, TwoC and b-12d blend seamlessly with my legacy 2.5is and when it all comes together, it simply redefines my benchmark for incredible home audio. NHT products are accurate, precise and have apparently limitless headroom. They literally put to shame all other products I have ever heard. I have no desire to look for something better, because at the end of the day, this system is so incredible that wanting anything more would just be greedy. So thanks to John and NHT, my system outperforms my very high expectations. Music has a new dimension and movies are as immersive as they can be without literally blowing you up. The sounds are perfectly replicated at low volume and at the highest volume my ears will permit they continue to effortlessly perform. The speakers actually disappear from your consciousness. What you are left with is simply being there, in the moment, with Miles Davis sitting on your couch, U2 whispering in your ear, and living on Pandora for three hours as you experience Avatar. If you are new to NHT, you owe it to yourself to experience their products. If you are a long time listener, you will not be disappointed; NHT has seriously upped their game. It takes a certain leap of faith to purchase a hi-end speaker on-line. I recommend you jump.

Ed E.

TwoC Center Channel Speaker

Very Nice


I recently took advantage of NHT's sale and upgraded my NHT SC1 to TwoC, along with a pair of Classic Threes. The TwoC is a big step up sonically from the SC1 with great clarity, both straight on and off angle. Dialog especially felt natural. However in my configuration it worked best to set the cutoff on the center channel at 200hz in order to mitigate less than pleasing bass because I was forced to put it in the cabinet, recessed about 1 ½ inch because it is wider than the space between the posts on my Salamander Synergy Triple 30. The space is 19 ¾ wide and the TwoC is 19 7/8 wide – ARRGH!!! I couldn't place it on top of the unit because the TV is there. I experimented with placing it on a small stand in front of the unit, and that helped, but it wasn't practical as the stand blocked components. At NHT's recommendation, I tried acoustic foam attached to the shelves above and below the speaker, but it didn't make any difference on the mids and highs and didn't help with the bass issue. So back it went, recessed in the cabinet, with the low cutoff set to 200hz. That did the trick and it reduces the annoying proximity effect we experience when the FM announcers speak with their mouths too close to the microphone. I have the NHT SubTwoi to fill out the bottom so I didn't need the mains and center to go that low. I want to emphasize that I don't think it is the fault of the speaker but rather to do with my placement limitations. Perhaps if the speaker were only ½ inch narrower, it might have made the difference.

Ralph C.

TwoC Center Channel Speaker

Wonderful upgrade


I have a surround setup I installed in 1998 (NHT). I spoike with John who said the TwoC would work great. On receiving theTwoC I was VERY impressed with the GREAT finish and sound of the speaker. The voicing of the speakers match great and besides TV,the SACDs sound GREAT, and now I am deep into My SACDs again! I am IMPRESSED.

Mike O.

This is a great Center

TwoC Center Channel Speaker

Crisp sound - great finish. I was looking to finish off my older 2.5i's and make a complete system. This center goes perfect them. Could not be happier!

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