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    iC2-ARC In-Ceiling Speaker

    An affordable 6.5" woofer, 3-tweeter array in-ceiling speaker that features Anti-Resonance Casting (ARC) chassis, low-vision grill.

    Packaged to contain 1 speaker.

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    $329.99 $274.99
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    Heath H.

    Upgrade Me to the iC2's!

    iC2-ARC In-Ceiling Speaker

    After hearing the iC2's in thier Great Room, My client has decided to upgrade every speaker in his whole house. They love them that much! Excellent performance. Couldn't be happier with NHT. Our distributed audio speakers of choice!

    Heath D.

    Upgrade Me

    iC2-ARC In-Ceiling Speaker

    2 weeks after installing an entire home with NHT iC speakers, my client called this morning and asked if he could "trade in" every pair of iC1's for iC2's. He boasted how he loved the "all around sound" he gets from the triple tweeters of the iC2's. We are so very happy to represent a speaker that actually makes our clients excited to own. 5 stars NHT!

    Augie M.

    IC2...I see, I hear

    iC2-ARC In-Ceiling Speaker

    This has just become my favourite in ceiling speaker...easy to install with looks to match the performance, it is a shame to put the cover on. Enjoy.