iW4-ARC - 3-Way In-Wall Home Theater Speaker

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The iW4-ARC is our powerhouse architectural product. In a good installation, you might think you were listening to a pair of Classic Three’s on stands. Outrageous dynamics, terrific bass, high output are present in the iW4-ARC with no loss in detail thanks to two 5.25” anodized aluminum cone woofers, a 2” anodized aluminum dome midrange, and a .75” anodized aluminum dome tweeter. This Tweeter-Midrange module is the same module used in all 3-way Classic series designs. The advantage of a dual-woofer 3-way design is low distortion and wide dispersion, and enlarges the sweet spot for an unrivaled listening experience from an in-wall speaker. The iiW4-ARC body features a new material that eliminates spurious resonances from interfering with proper sound reproduction. Lastly, the grill is easily detachable since it is magnetic and the IW4-ARC is easily installed and can be mounted vertically or horizontally in the wall. 

All in all, the iW4-ARC is the perfect in-wall home theater system speaker.

(iW4's can also be used in-ceiling though the dispersion will not be as ideal as the ic4)

System type
In Wall Loudspeaker

3-way infinite baffle

Woofer – 2 x 5.25" aluminum
Midrange - 2" Aluminum dome
Tweeter – 1 x 3/4” aluminum dome

BMC (Bulk Moulding Compound)

Rubberized Paint

Amplifier Power
20W/ch minimum, 150W/ch maximum

Frequency Response
42Hz - 20kHz (±3 dB)

840 Hz, 5.3kHz

Crossover Slopes
18dB/octave LP, 12dB/octave HP and 18 dB/octave LP, 18dB/octave HP

86dB (2.83V at 1M)

8 ohms nominal, 4.9 ohms minimum

2 each professional grade, gold plated spring posts

Product Dimensions
10.3 x 3.3 x 14.9 inches

Depth behind the wall - 3.6 inches

Weight | Shipping Weight
10.4 lbs./4.72 kg | 12.1 lbs./5.49 kg

Packaged and Sold Individually

Michael J.

So thrilled

iW4-ARC - 3-Way In-Wall Home Theater Speaker

We are a company who specializes in roofing Bozeman MT and let me tell you these speakers are legit. There was a customer we did a job for who had one of these in his theater and we could hear everything he was playing even though he was in the basement. We asked him where he got them and he referred us to NHT. Super high quality and well worth the price. I love the in-wall speakers too because they don't take up extra space. 

Nick N.

iW4-ARC - 3-Way In-Wall Home Theater Speaker

Wow... you must be kidding!


I used iW4's for front left, right and center in a home theater system for a client...along with 2 iWS subs and the iC4 in the rear... WOW... I think he is still smiling!.. he is one happy customer!!! Thanks again NHT for a great in wall product.