iC2/3-ARC In-Ceiling Pre-Construction Mounting Bracket

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The iCB6-ARC pre-construction bracket is used to frame out and reserve the in-ceiling speaker location prior to sheetrock application. The iCB6-ARC eliminates the need to cut holes for new speaker installations and makes speaker locations predictable rather than cutting holes blind. Used for new construction or remodeling when ceiling joists are exposed. The iCB6-ARC also makes for easy-peasy post sheetrock speaker installation in ceiling. The iCB6 fits the NHT iC2-ARC, iC3-ARC in-ceiling speakers. One kit contains 1 bracket for 1 speaker.

Shipping weight 2 lbs.  Package contains 1 bracket.UPC Code: 898349001334

Todd B.

iC2/3-ARC In-Ceiling Pre-Construction Mounting Bracket

Great In Wall Mounting Brackets!


Easy to use and fairly priced. Highly recommended if you're going into a new build or are putting up a new wall and are in need of mounting your speakers. Saw these being installed while I was carpet cleaning pueblo houses and had to pick up a set myself for my basement build out.

Todd Baker