Sanus Euro Foundation Speaker Stands

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The sleek, contemporary look of Euro Series stands complement modern speakers while providing the superior performance demanded by audio enthusiasts. Each cast iron base is engineered for solid support and includes adjustable floor spikes and custom screw-in rubber feet for stability and resonance reduction. Euro Series stands feature a concealed wire management channel and rigid steel top plates for optimum sound. The Foundations Euro Series speaker stands are recommended for small-to-medium bookshelf speakers up to 25 lbs. See NHT speaker recommendations in SPECS. Each high-mass, cast-iron base includes rubber feet and adjustable carpet spikes for stability on any surface, and its rigid steel pillar features a concealed wire path. Includes two steel top plates, one 6 by 6.5-inch and one 5 by 5-inch, which feature rubber speaker isolation pads for a non-slip surface. Besides speaking in an accent, Sanus Euro Foundations have: Adjustable carpet spikes and rubber feet for use on carpet and hard floors. Can be put together in minutes with just a Phillips screwdriver. Large wire path holes making heavy-gauge cables easy to hide. Heavy-weight base provides good stability on most surfaces. Self level - 3 point contact with floor makes for automatic leveling.Neoprene speaker pads that make a non-slip surface and improve sound isolation.


 2 in each box.  Max Speaker weight: 25 lbs. 

EF24: 2 in each box. Max Speaker Weight: 25 lbs. 

EF20: 2 in each box. Max Speaker Weight: 25 lbs. 

Use with NHT speaker models: Zero, SuperZero, SuperZero 2.0, Absolute Zero, Model 1, Model 1.1, Model 1A, SB1, SB2, HDP-1. Call NHT for other speakers and stand recommendations - 800-648-9993.

Melissa C.

Sanus Euro Foundation Speaker Stands



these are the speaker stands I ordered.... Love the mode look...