Alpha Snake Stereo RCA Cable pair

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NHT has chosen to bring these cables in for SuperPower application where you need the left and right channels of the RCA cable to be able to split. These cables are normally reserved for the Custom Installers only. We have chosen to bring them in bulk and then sell them as single pairs. Some technical details:Separate left and right cables for use with SuperPowerGreat looking cables - built to last.Identical conductors rather than coaxial cable insure identical geometry for both + and - signal swings.Solid core conductors eliminates distortions and provides crystal clear sound.Alpha Snake uses LGC - Long Grain Copper which helps maintain signal purity.PVC insulation which works great for audio signals - not for video signals.Fully shielded means truckers and TV tower signals won't garble use your audio cables as antennas.Precision gold terminations insured corrosion will not degrade your sound over the months and years.Soldered with AQ silver solder.Enjoy these great cables - exclusively from NHT

Alpha Snake RCA Analog Audio CablesSold in pairs - select length when orderingIdentical Conductors (twin axial design)Solid Core conductorsFully ShieldedLGC - Long Grain CopperPVC InsulationAQ Silver Solder just sounds better