Audioquest Forest Optilink F2M

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Want a great cable for your Mac Mini, MacBook (white) MacBook Pro or Airport Express - one you can actually afford? This is it - Audioquest Forest Optilink F2M digital cable with 1/8" mini (optical) plug on one end and the industry standard SPDIF or Toslink on the other ready to plug into your receiver or DAC. Yes, your Mac can be a source for high-end audio - you just need the good stuff to connect everything together.

Many people didn't notice that Apple snuck an optical transmitter and receiver into the many of the aforementioned Mac models line in and headphone output jacks. All you need is a cable like this to send a pure digital signal into your audio interface, DAC or receiver's SPDIF (also called Toslink) input (and outputs too) for fab digital audio in and out.

Expensive? Not like Diamond but there are cheaper cables - not better, cheaper. And like tattoo's good one's aren't cheap and cheap ones aren't good. Forest uses finely polished synthetic Polymer fiber mean low timing (jitter) errors and every bit gets through. Beautiful connectors in a nice blue-green striped PVC cable. Specify the length you need when ordering.

Contains 1 Optilink Forest Fiber Optic Cable (F2M)Full size SPDIF (Toalink) to 3.5mm mini (headphone) configurationUse with Mac Mini, Macbook (White), Macbook Pro, Airport Express and other optical outputs on 1/8" or 3.5mm combo analog headphone/optical output jack.Black-Green Stripe PVC jacketSelect length when orderingNot so expensive - Audioquest most affordable.