NHT Button Design 1.0 Coffee Mug

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Need a coffee cup? No NHT fan would be seen without the beautiful NHT Mug version 1.0. The Mug is decorated with 1990's NHT trade show buttons. We recommend a set of four to eight for best coverage. 


Dishwasher and microwave safe.
Carrying handle.
Open on one end.
Stands up on its own.
Right or left handed.
14 oz. liquid capacity.
Wall mount optional.
1 year Parts and Labor warranty.

Product Material: fired stoneware
Container Volume: 14oz. liquid
Handle Type: "C"Orientation: Ambidextrous (left or right handed)
Graphics: 4 color CMYK screen
Height: 4.5"Width: 4.75" (with handle) 
O.D.: 3.25" (without handle)
I.D.: 3.0" 
Color: White
Weight: 1.05 lbs. 
Packaged weight: 1.5 lbs.

Joe Z.

NHT Button Design 1.0 Coffee Mug



Bought this mug with my speaker mount just because of the review. Hilarious.

Stanley S.

NHT Button Design 1.0 Coffee Mug

NHT Coffee mug - still the best value for the dollar


Stirring a beverage in this mug with a metal spoon produces a very detailed sound, some might say to bright. For people who find this too harsh, there is always the option of using a plastic spoon, which produces a much more dull but slightly more tonally balanced sound. After consuming half of a beverage I found the mug had a bit more midbass, especially when setting it down on a wooden surface.