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Main Features : Multi-format decoding: Dolby Digital, DTS, DTS-ES, DTS 96/24, AAC

Multiple post processing options: Dolby Pro Logic II/ II x (Music, Movie, Games), Dolby EX, DTS Neo:6, Music modes (Surround 6.1, Natural and Party) _

Composite and S-Video input video up-conversion up to component video and HDMI

Setup OSD on all video outputs (no overlay)
HDMI 1.1 audio support for receiving Dolby Digital, DTS and 2 channel PCM via HDMI interface.


NHT Speaker Setup Wizard with NHT speaker DSP processing and Auto level and Distance Calibration (microphone included).

Manual speaker setup with small, medium and larger selection with 5 Hz subwoofer crossover steps

Proximity activation and Touch sensitive controls

Setup lock

Ethernet based NHTBus on RJ45 for trigger and intelligent amplifier control

Front panel connectors - Headphone/microphone combo

Control I/O - 2 IR inputs, Auto calibration microphone input (front panel), Bi-directional RS 232, 3 programmable 12V trigger outputs, NHT control bus on RJ-45

Remote - Dedicated, simple, non-programmable operation, 4 one-touch direct modes: Direct, Movie, Music and Game, 4 direct source selects, Second zone control.

Audio Inputs - 6 Analog inputs, 6 Digital inputs (3 coaxial, 3 toslink), 3 Digital HDMI, 7.1 analog input  with 3 choices of analog bass management,

Audio Outputs - 7.1 analog output, Second Zone output (analog stereo), Second Zone record output, Audio Record output, Digital Toslink output

Video Inputs - 6 Composite video inputs, 4 S-Video inputs, 3 Component Video inputs, 3 HDMI inputs

Video Outputs - 3 composite outputs, 2 S-Video outputs, 1 component video output, 1 HDMI output

Weight: 21lbs

Dimensions: 5.75"H x 17.25"W x 17"D