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Our flagship reference-grade home theater loudspeaker system.Each four-way VT-3 tower loudspeaker employs a pair of highly damped, side-loaded, lower chamber subwoofers powered by an internal 500W high efficiency amplifier and a separate, 4 driver array, upper chamber for low distortion, flat frequency response, tightly controlled bass, and precise imaging in the best tradition of NHT's Music Series loudspeakers.When switched to Video Mode, two rear-firing ambient drivers activate for a more diffuse soundfield, subwoofer output is boosted, and a 35 Hz high-pass filter allows the system to play at higher volume with less distortion. The result is expansive, theater-like sound with visceral bass that contributes to an exciting, involving movie experience.

System Type: 4-way + 2-way acoustic suspension

Drivers: Two 10" side-loaded subwoofers, two 6.25" lower midranges, 1" aluminum dome tweeter, 5.25" rear-firing midrange, 1" rear-firing soft-dome tweeter (upper drivers video shielded)

Frequency Response: 21 Hz-26 kHz ( ±3 dB

Sensitivity 87 dB @ 2.83 V/M

Impedance 6 ohms

Recommended Amp. Power 30-300 watts/channel

Input Connectors: 2 pairs gold-plated, 5-way binding posts; 8-pin mini-D.I.N.

Dimensions: 48" H x 8" W x 22.25" D

Weight: 120 lbs. each

Finish: Italian black satin laminate