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The SubOnei employs a long throw 12" woofer driven by a powerful 250-Watt high efficiency amplifier offering solid low end performance down to 25Hz.The exceptional performance of the SubOnei is enhanced with NHT's outboard subwoofer controller.Connected to the SubOnei by a high quality, line level cable, the controller allows the listener to adjust bass response and volume, as well as audio/video contour for music or movie use. The controller also offers the flexibility of continuously variable low pass settings and adjustable high pass and phase settings.

System Type: Vented subwoofer, amplified

Driver Complement 10" long-throw polypropylene woofer

Frequency Response: 25Hz - 180Hz, +/-3dB

Amplifier Power 250W monaural at 0.3% THD

Low-Pass Crossover: Continuously variable between 40-180Hz, 18dB/octave

High-Pass Crossover: Selectable at 50, 75 or 110Hz, 12db/octave

Other Features: Dual mode operation, Selectable phase and gain

Controller Connections: Gold-plated RCA's, gold-plated barrier strips

Subwoofer Inputs: Line level (RCA) input, 20' cable included

Subwoofer: 47 lbs., 16"H x 16"W x 16"D

Finish: High-gloss black laminate

Controller : 3 lbs., 2"H x 11"W x 7"D, matte black anodized