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The M7 is 3-way monitor, employing two, long throw, 6.5” cast frame woofers with under-hung voice coils, a four” mid-range and a 1” aluminum dome tweeter. We designed the M7 for larger media rooms where high output is required. The cabinet is made from ¾” MDF, heavily braced internally to avoid audible resonances. The cabinet is made overseas, but assembly takes place right here in sunny California. Every one is subjected to a battery of tests and within a tight window to insure that the speakers match sonically. Because it is a 3-way design, the M7 can be placed either horizontally or vertically without affecting the soundstage and can be placed on stands, shelves or fit into soffits. Super clean, accurate and low distortion to bring you every detail in film tracks or music.

System Type:
3-way acoustic suspension

Woofer: Two 6.5’ woofer, laminated cone, cast frame basket
Tweeter: 1” aluminum dome
Midrange: 4” paper cone

400Hz – 12dB/octave, 2.3KkHz – 12dB/octave

61Hz – 20kHz, +/- 3dB

86dB (2.83V @ 1M)

Recommended Power:
100W – 250W

6ohm nominal, 4.3ohm minimum

Inputs: 1 pair 5-way binding posts

Weight: 32lbs

Dimensions: 8.75”H x 20”W x 10.25”D

Finish: High Gloss Black

Steven A.

Great Review


Nice Audio



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Christopher P.

High output, high sound quality


I use a couple sets of these in the house.  The main system is powered by crown amplifiers, signal processing/room correction is done with minidsp and DIRAC, and the bottom end is augmented by a couple dozen (yes) JBL's in sealed boxes in both near and far field, aligned and eq'd to match my room curve down to below 10hz.  While amplifiers and digital signal processing have come a long way, low distortion, high output, and smooth polar dispersion are not something you can "fix" after the fact.  The M7's sounded good with no eq (touch boxy in my room/setup), once proper sound treatments were hung, and the calibration was done they simply blow me away.  They aren't perfect -you aren't going to get the magic polar response from a setup that has the tweeter and midrange in this config- but they are crystal clear, and when I decide to turn things up, they handle it well.  The sense is that things just get louder... which sounds obvious, but what I mean is the threshold where they start to sound strained is pushing the limits on a 400 watt per channel amp that's high passed at 80 hz.  They play loudly, cleanly, and they make me very very happy.  Pre-DIRAC measurements show that frequency response is both extended and smooth.  In-room, they measure much better than my old Classic 3's did.


I have another set that I use in the computer room as desktop monitors.  They absolutely NEED to be eq'd in this application as the desk reflections make themselves known.  Again, crown amps, minidsp, DIRAC, but this time I have a more "normal" subwoofer that consists of a few 12" drivers.  Essentially a nearfield version of the main system with more modest low frequency capabilities.  I get to enjoy these speakers twice, as nearfield is a unique and rewarding experience that's very different than farfield.  Again, the clarity is superb and sitting a couple feet away means they'll play louder than you can stand with a more reasonable amplifier.  I have them crossed over around 70hz, the subwoofer located right by my feet, and the setup is again very rewarding.  The sound appears to originate from dead center in the monitor -no small trick, this is not an ideal listening environment.


My target curve is similar to the Harmon target but a little less extreme top end roll-off, and a touch fatter down below 40hz, shelving at about 30hz down to as low as I can measure.  I run about 3dB less 50hz and below on the computer system as compared to the main system, not sure if that's a measurement artifact or just preference, the shape of the curve is the same, just a little less bottom end.  It still looks very much like the Harmon target though.  


It doesn't matter what I play on either system.  From classic rock, to rap, to electronic, jazz, classical, orchestral works -these speakers make beautiful sounds and have caused more than one of my friends to literally have their jaws hit the floor.  "I didn't know music could sound like this", "I've never heard anything this clear and precise" "this makes me hate my own speakers, you suck!", these are all the sorts of comments I've come to expect -from casual listeners just getting into audio to seasoned audiophiles that ended the listening session with "well obviously a lot of what I thought I knew, I don't.  You're onto something here."  The only person who didn't like it was the father-in-law, who didn't appreciate the live version of "hotel california" when I got saucy and cranked up the subharmonic synthesizer on the dozen nearfield subwoofers with a few kilowatts.  The look on his face when it lit off was well worth it though.


I would also add that all of my interactions with NHT have been awesome.  They seem like laid back and cool people that love what they do.  No pressure, they answer questions, they helped me when my cat knocked over one of my M7's, then helped me when I decided to turn that (cosmetically) damaged speaker back into something I could use (it ended up in the computer room).  People talk more when they aren't treated well but I feel like I could swing by the NHT office, talk shop, and leave with a smile on my face.  I don't know any of the guys there, that's just the impression I've gotten from email and phone correspondence -bravo there too.  Add that to the list of reasons I'm a NHT fan.


Music is supposed to be fun, it brings joy to our lives, whether teaching it, playing your own, or listening through a rewarding system such as this.  Life is far too short to listen to lousy audio equipment.  I love 'em.  Highly recommended.





Taylor P.

Bumpin' Speaker


Bought this speaker about a year ago and I was very impressed with the quality of sound. It can fill the room with music without it sounding condensed in one area. We work in a large office and for Walnut Creek IT Service and it keeps everyone working hard without it being overbearing. 


Awesome, just awesome


Purchased to upgrade my Two C center channel, which was quite good, but this is on another level. Right out of the box, there was more presence, authority and a complete absence of strain at high levels. Very nice and massive build, extremely solid and low resonance cabinet.