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    C 3 Bookshelf Loudspeaker

    C-3 carries on the tradition of our best bookshelf design providing a wide soundstage, excellent dispersion and detail

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    Rian S.


    C 3 Bookshelf Loudspeaker

    I love these.

    Years ago I fell for the NHT 2.5i towers a local hi-fi shop. As a college kid I had no means to actually purchase them, but the store was kind and let me frequently drop by for listening sessions. I still have a visceral memory of the 2.5i's conjuring up Etta James and Harvey Fuqua right in front of me on the track If I Can't Have You, and don't get me started on Dark Side of the Moon. Years later and with my kids having grown a bit such that I'm not too concerned about inadvertent speaker and component damage, I've recently reinvested in my love of music, building a 2.1 system over the last six months or so that I and the family use daily.

    I didn't hesitate to go with NHT, and am thrilled with these C3s. Driven by a Cambridge Audio CXA80 integrated amplifier, they sing. Slightly forward but by no means harsh, incredibly detailed, and full-bodied but flat. I paired mine with a Hsu ULS-15 mk2 sub, and they integrate perfectly together.

    Most importantly, they bring a smile to my face every time I begin to play something. Well done NHT. Keep up the great work!


    Five Stars Are Not Enough!!!

    C 3 Bookshelf Loudspeaker

    I am writing this review after living with these speakers for nearly a year now. They are virtually unique in their class because of their three-way design. This I believe gives them more midrange detail and presence than comparably priced or even more expensive speakers. However, this does not mean an exaggerated midrange in any way, since they have an exceptionally flat frequency response from top to bottom. Because of their neutrality, they are very chamelion-like and will reveal the flaws of any associated components. These speakers sounded great to me at the beginning but I had a sense I was not getting the full benefit from them with the components I had. This sent me on a mission to upgrade my system, which I have done gradually over the past year. I am now even happier with my C 3s than before. I would agree with NHT's recommendation of a minimum of 50 watts per channel. My new amp has 90 watts per channel into the C 3's 6 ohm load and they really make these speakers sing. The C 3s may not appear at first to have enough bass for some people but you are getting the bass that is actually on the recording without emphasis or exaggeration. When there is real deep bass on your recording, you will hear it and feel it. The C 3s are highly underrated and among the most accurate speakers available at any price. I highly recommend the C 3s but make sure you have associated components that are worthy of them. Kudos to NHT for making a speaker that may well be the best value out there!

    Jason S.

    Fantastic Speakers - Fall in love with music all over again

    C 3 Bookshelf Loudspeaker

    Bought these C3 two years ago.  They performed nice with my equipment at the time and as I've increased the quality of the equipment, the speakers continue to show the improvements.  Example - went from bluetooth to receiver on-board DAC to Marantz CD1 player DAC to now using an RME ADI-2 DAC and at each level I could hear the speakers just show more and more of the music.  The system now surpasses my custom IEMs work setup (JH Audio 11s driven by a Mojo) and I'm so happy I chose NHT C3s.  They haven't let me down. 

    Sounds so good.  Fall in love with music all over again.

    Carol H.

    The best speakers, period.

    C 3 Bookshelf Loudspeaker

    Dead flat frequency response, excellent off-axis response and imaging, ample power for a living room, sexy glossy look, reasonable prices (even when not on sale). NHT's sealed speaker box had never disappointed me (well, maybe a little with the Super One's), and these ones were no exception. I think my hunt for speakers are over.

    Scott L.

    Most criminally underrated speaker of all

    C 3 Bookshelf Loudspeaker

    My system has seen its share of costly speakers.  I have auditioned and compared at length.  The C3 are a worthy modern successor to speakers like ADS L-710, which were compact high-end 3-ways.  The sound is amazingly open, articulate, detailed,  transparent and slightly forward of neutral.  This makes them well suited for high-end listening of any genre.  The dynamics have great range with a clean grip on transients. They mate with a sub exceptionally well. The last time I heard an aluminum tweeter this well implemented, it was in a set of Vonsweikert speakers north of 4 grand.  Further:  I'm using them nearfield.  They are superior to SVS ultra, Axiom m22 and Elac debut 6.2. They give up nothing vs $3000 dynaudio monitors.  There is no brag, just check out Ken Kantors measurements and review.  These are easily the best overall speaker under $1000 a pair. No, they don't try to have the most deep bass, but the bass they do have is very tight and precise. Before you waste money on other overhyped brands, buy these. They are the most criminally unrated speakers on the market. 

    Jon M.

    Buyer beware.

    C 3 Bookshelf Loudspeaker

    Arrived with broken speaker grills and was charged $100 for return shipping.  In home trial is nice but puts buyer in a bad spot when product doesn’t arrive like new and returns are expensive.  

    Jorge R.

    Excellent within size constrains

    C 3 Bookshelf Loudspeaker

    Aging audiophile looking for true bookshelf to stick in bookcase; looking for very flat non colored response; excellent transient response.

    Tried multiple systems : ported sounded always boomy; Devialet Gold Phantoms needed much space around ( omnidirectional) . Received a pair C3 at home  on 30 day approval (Best way to test I know!!) Fantastic !! Very flat non colored fairly good transient (my old ears have problems > 8kHz so transients more difficult to hear than 50 years ago).

    I think nothing beats for non colored flat response sealed box. 3 way blend into each other smoothly, do not hear notching.

    Of course cut off below 80 or so Hz; have Cambridge powered subwoofer after some adjustments fills in bottom frequency without boominess.

    Very nice finish; modest in size ( compared to my old AR3A's...) 

    Moved them a little : location seems to affect sound little

    Price independent 4 stars considering price all 5 stars.

    Highly recommended specially with refundable home trail offer.



    Fall in love with your media all over again

    C 3 Bookshelf Loudspeaker

    I found out about NHT by doing a lot of research on opinions from self proclaimed audiophiles on many of the most popular forums.  While I absolutely loved the option of demoing speakers in home for 30 days, I decided to visit NHT at their HQ to push my purchase decision over the edge.  I sat in their demo room as was absolutely FLOORED with the sound that came out of just (2) C-3 bookshelf speakers.  My friend and I couldn't keep our mouths closed, as we could swear that the subwoofers were on and there were about 4 more speakers on the entire wall producing that sound.  

    Needless to say, I pulled the trigger a few days later, replaced my aging but still very capable Klipsch RSX-4 speakers (for the front stage of a 7.2 surround setup) and have spent weeks finding better quality versions of my song library to hear the music again for essentially the first time.  The subtleties in music and movies that every other speaker I have ever hear miss, these gorgeous high quality beauties pick up and make you applaude.  There is definitely a sweet spot for listening to them, but even off axis is better than every other bookshelf-like speaker I have ever heard.   I really had no idea that sound this big could come out of a speaker this size.  Bravo NHT, bravo.  

    Now I just need to find a way to convince my boss (wife) to let me replace the rest of my surrounds with the C-1's :)  

    Joey S.

    C3 Bookshelf Speakers

    C 3 Bookshelf Loudspeaker

    First NHT speakers in years and after a month I am very impressed.  Placement was important to get them to sound great.  Will likely be adding other NHT speakers in the future.  

    Matthew L.

    Amazing Speakers

    C 3 Bookshelf Loudspeaker

    As a long time owner of NHT Classic Threes, I was hesitant to purchase the new C3 model as I  naturally questioned if it would be an upgrade. I did not think it was possible to improve on what I consider an all time classic speaker. I am happy to report the C3s best their predecessors on a number of fronts. I prefer the new, angular, modern design of the C3s to the outdated, curvy Threes. I am glad the ditched the akward rails on the Threes, which makes stand mounting the new model easier. The build quality of the C3s is first rate and the cabinets are rock solid. The most noticeable sonic improvement is in the high frequency performance. The highs seem a tad smoother and sweeter and in a direct comparison I was able to hear some subtle details on the C3s they were slightly smeared and muddy on the Threes. I am wondering if that can be attributed to the new 1 inch tweeter, which replaced the old 0.75 inch unit? The bass and midrange performance on both the old and new speakers are similar and quite remarkable considering their size. As a very happy Classic Three owner, I can say without hesitation I am an even happier C3 owner. If you are thinking of upgrading from the Three like me, rest assured it is worth it. If you are new to NHT, the C3s represent a tremendous value and compete with speakers costing much more. I speak from experience having tried the usual suspects. In short, I highly recommend the NHT C3.