AFX Mini, Dolby Atmos-Enabled Add-on Speaker Module

Single Unit

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AFX Mini – Do you have speakers you are happy with and just got an Atmos-capable receiver? The Mini is a small add-on speaker comprised solely of an up firing driver. Place it on top of your existing speaker or wall hang it. It has the same footprint as the SuperZero 2.1 speaker.

System type
Add on speaker Designed for Dolby Atmos

Acoustic suspension design

3” paper cone

Frequency Response

87dB (2.83v@1m)

5 ohms nominal, 3.7 ohms min.

Recommended Power
25 - 100 w/ch

Nickel plated 5-way binding posts

4.5" x 5.5" x 5" (H x W x D)

2.1 lbs.

High Gloss Black

Sold Individually

Jesper N.

AFX Mini, Dolby Atmos-Enabled Add-on Speaker Module

Super speaker


My brother owns this speaker, and its absolutely awesome. 

Andrew M.

AFX Mini, Dolby Atmos-Enabled Add-on Speaker Module

ABSOLUTELY incredible


I have been an Audiophile for 30+ years now. My VERY first Audiophile speakers DECADES ago were actually the ORIGINAL NHT Super Zero's, CRAZY! Those speakers, especially for cost BLEW ME AWAY as well as all my friends, some MUCH more affluent than me at the time. My 1st foray into Atmos speakers (when there were like 3 movies out at the time) were the Onkyo SKH-410's they DID make a difference in associated movies but they ONLY handled 25 watts so they NEVER matched up well with my setup even cranked up to MAX input rating. Next came the Klipsch RP-140SA's, MUCH better than the Onkyo's but again only recommended to 50w per channel, again in MY setup they just were not perfect. (initial 2 aforementioned atmos speakers setups (I always had 4, front and surround atmos, 2 pair) was run off Parasound ZAMP Quattro 90w x4 @4ohm with ability to adjust power output as with the 2 aforementioned speakers that COULD NOT handle 90w a channel). My initial setups were used with 2 sets of Polk Audio RTi A7's both front and surrounds. I then upgraded my main speakers to Martin Logan Motion 40's front and Motion 20's surround. The Klipsch's NEVER matched well and looked AWFUL on top of the ML's. I then heard NHT was releasing their own ATMOS add-on speakers, as with my ORIGINAL NHT Zero's, they came in a Piano black finish, they matched PERFECTLY to my ML's and the imaging for Atmos or DTS X was the best I EVER heard. CRAZY how good their speakers are, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Complicated Passions

AFX Mini, Dolby Atmos-Enabled Add-on Speaker Module



what speaker out are these connected to I have a Yamaha 7.2 the only connection left is the zone2/presence / update 2018 these look beautiful almost ready to hook them up and play my first Dolby Atmos movie I've got to hear this 

Aravindh J.

AFX Mini, Dolby Atmos-Enabled Add-on Speaker Module

Nice dolby up-firing speakers


These dolby certified speakers work well and are effective. I used two of these as front up-firing speakers and placed them on top of old but still terrific NHT VT-1a floor standers that are 40" tall. The room height is 9 ft and the main listening position is about 9ft from the center channel. The ceiling is plain drywall. The L&R front speakers are separated by about 7 ft. Since the vt-1 have the same width and depth as these, they look good together.

At first it was hard to say if the speakers were effective at all - meaning did any sounds seem to come from the ceiling? I was using the up mixer Dolby Surround on regular Dolby Digital content. I finally decided to test some Atmos specific content.

Downloaded the Dolby Atmos demos from internet, loaded them up on a thumb drive and inserted the thumb drive into my blurry player. Most of the demos out there are fairly useless — Leaf and Amaze are the only demos that can clearly show the intended Atmos effect. I finally could tell that these NHT speakers are great and some of the sounds seemed to actually be coming from the ceiling.

American Sniper on blu-ray has an Atmos soundtrack - though sadly not a very effective one. I mostly couldn't tell if the up firing speakers were working. Then there were a couple of scenes where helicopters seemed go be going over my head. Phew, the speakers are working as intended!!

Recently released blurry remaster of Bram Stoker's Dracula has an Atmos sound track as well. There is a scene where Renfield is plucking bugs flying around in his cell to eat them. The buzzing sound seemed to be traveling all around, including above the head.

Note: I have shared my review on Amazon as well. 

Dave S.

AFX Mini, Dolby Atmos-Enabled Add-on Speaker Module

Question about impedance


I have an  x Onkyo TX-NR646  receiver.  I'm happy with my current 5.1 speaker setup.    I like the small size as they will fit on top of my current front speakers, but I'm concerend about the impedance.  NR646 specs shows shows the speaker impedance needs to be 6-16 ohm.  Can I use these mini speakers with this receiver?