CS 10 Subwoofer

Single Unit

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The CS-10 is a 300W, 10” long throw, powered subwoofer housed in a 14” square cabinet. The result is the smallest possible subwoofer that retains NHT’s signature musical qualities. Controls come in the form of a simple pair of analog inputs, a crossover control which can be set to LFE, a volume trim control and a phase switch. The CS-10’s elegant piano black gloss finish and recessed grille gives it an unobtrusive look that will match with either NHT’s new C series or Dolby Atmos® Certified Media Series speakers. Bass response is rated at 22Hz in room.

Available in Black or White.

10" paper cone long throw

Magnetically shielded

L and R line level on RCA

Frequency Response
-3dB @ 22Hz

Amplifier Power
300W 4 ohms, 1% THD

Amplifier Type
Class D

Adjustable Low Pass
40-140Hz, LFE (bypass low pass)

0-180 degrees 2 position switched

Cabinet Size
13.8" x 13.8" x 13.8"

Cabinet Material
18mm MDF with 1mm Aluminum sheet (interior)

Product Weight
32.7 lbs

Piano Black High-Gloss Paint

Included Accessories
Power Cord, (4) Rubber Spikes, Setup Guide

pinal s.


CS 10 Subwoofer

I like the design, I really wanted to have one of this. 

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Solomon W.

CS 10 Subwoofer

Deep Bass


This sub outputs bass way past what I thought a 10" could do.  I have owned Dual SW-12 and Dual BD-12 subs from NHT.  I am very surprised that I am not itching to get a second one of these, although I probably will just cause.  But seriously, you really only need one.  It's a beast of a sub.  Very happy with this new sub from NHT.

Jeff L.


CS 10 Subwoofer

I previously owned the BD10 for several years.  I traded it in for 2 of these.  1 just didn't quite fill my home theater room.  Once I completed hooking them up and watched my first explosion scene I had a huge smile on my face.    I am very impressed in the low range and feel these sub's provide.  My theater room is about 12ft wide and 20ft long.  I just can't express how much more enjoyable it is to watch movies now, with the thunder these 2 bad boys provide!