SS 10 Subwoofer

Single Unit

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The SS-10 Subwoofer is the perfect compact subwoofer for our Super Series speakers. We upgraded the original Super 8 model by substituting the former 8” driver with a 10” and a 250W amplifier, effectively doubling the power of its predecessor. The SS10 features the same I/O and controls as the CS-10. The 11.6” square cabinet is finished in the same pristine Japanese made gloss vinyl laminate as the rest of the Super Series. With bass response down to mid-30Hz, the SS-10 presents a real value and turns either Super Zero or Super One speakers into a powerful, full range system.

10" paper cone long throw

Magnetically shielded

L and R line level on RCA

Frequency Response
-3dB @ 34Hz

Amplifier Power
250W 4 ohms, 1% THD

Amplifier Type
Class D

Adjustable Low Pass
40-140Hz, LFE (bypass low pass)

0-180 degrees 2 position switched

Cabinet Size
12.25" x 12.25" x 12.25"

Cabinet Material
18mm MDF with 1mm Aluminum sheet (interior)

Product Weight
25.6 lbs

High Gloss Black Laminate

Included Accessories
Power Cord, (4) Rubber Spikes, Setup Guide

Jackson M.

SS 10 Subwoofer

Amazing unit

ashiajee j.


SS 10 Subwoofer

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Doom S.


SS 10 Subwoofer

Не позволяйте маленькому размеру этого сабвуфера одурачить вас - эта штука наносит удар.

Jeff L.

Bought 2

SS 10 Subwoofer

Over a year ago I traded in my 8" sub which was a few years old.  I wanted more punch for my HT.  I purchased 2 SS 10" subs for my home theater.  These guys pack a punch!  Everything comes alive with explosions and booms and shakes the 1st 2 levels of my house!!  They work really well with my other 7 NHT speakers VT2 (front), M7 (center) recently purchased), VS2A (Rear), NHT Absolute (Surround).

John C.

Great Speaker, even Greater Service

SS 10 Subwoofer

Objective stuff first.  This is a punchy, sharp sounding subwoofer in a small package.  I've had larger with less sound.  The acoustic suspension design eliminates the bass port found on most subwoofers, thus, eliminating the mud associated with the overlay of false bass.  What comes out of the speaker is clear, unadulterated, punchy bass, modulated correctly to suit their companion NHT Super Zero surround, and the NHT Center channel speakers.  I replaced a higher power, larger subwoofer with this unit, as the old one was simply too much for the theater room.  Too much thump, and not enough quality sound.  

Now, the subjective.  When s___ happens, and it will if it can, what a company does to make their customer happy, makes all the difference in the world.  It changes a bad situation into one of sublime happiness.  In our case, we ordered this sub directly from NHT, having purchased the other NHT equipment from Amazon.  I knew I'd like it, so, why not.  Price was not an issue, and free shipping made it a happy plan.  And why not let the manufacturer make all the money, and not pay a fulfillment penalty.  The Subwoofer arrived promptly, on the day promised, but unfortunately, it would not function properly.  I won't go into the litany of issues, but suffice to say, it was not a satisfactory speaker.  I Called NHT, and spoke with a fellow named Bob (could be an owner, I don't know), and he talked me through a series of experiments and tests, all of which did not correct my issue.  At all times I was spoken to deferentially, never talked down to, nor was I ever subjected to trade jargon.  After all the tests were done, NHT promptly sent me out another speaker, and this one deployed smoothly, and performed as advertised.  NHT sent me a shipping label, and all I had to do was box the speaker up, and bring it to UPS (we live in the boonies, so no UPS pick up unless they are here for something else).  Once UPS accepted the package, NHT sent out the new one, so not a lot of lost time in between.  Good Job, NHT!!!

I've had other defective equipment from other manufacturers in the past, and the experience was not always so smooth and accommodating.  Typically, it was like trying to give myself a root canal with my Black and Decker.  NHT was there to do the right thing, as they know they have a superior product that could be rendered less so by poor service.  

I can seriously recommend all NHT speaker products for their superior sound, excellent engineering, and reasonable cost.  Don't be afraid, Grasshopper!  Thanks for Reading.  Sincerely, Traveling Chef 37