SS 10 Subwoofer

Single Unit

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The SS-10 Subwoofer is the perfect compact subwoofer for our Super Series speakers. We upgraded the original Super 8 model by substituting the former 8” driver with a 10” and a 250W amplifier, effectively doubling the power of its predecessor. The SS10 features the same I/O and controls as the CS-10. The 11.6” square cabinet is finished in the same pristine Japanese made gloss vinyl laminate as the rest of the Super Series. With bass response down to mid-30Hz, the SS-10 presents a real value and turns either Super Zero or Super One speakers into a powerful, full range system.

10" paper cone long throw

Magnetically shielded

L and R line level on RCA

Frequency Response
-3dB @ 34Hz

Amplifier Power
250W 4 ohms, 1% THD

Amplifier Type
Class D

Adjustable Low Pass
40-140Hz, LFE (bypass low pass)

0-180 degrees 2 position switched

Cabinet Size
12.25" x 12.25" x 12.25"

Cabinet Material
18mm MDF with 1mm Aluminum sheet (interior)

Product Weight
25.6 lbs

High Gloss Black Laminate

Included Accessories
Power Cord, (4) Rubber Spikes, Setup Guide

Martin M.

SS 10 Subwoofer

Great Little Sub


I can't believe how good this little sub sounds, energizes the whole family room. I recommend boosting it off an uncarpeted floor by about 1.5 to 2 in. with neoprene or rubber pads for best results. couldn't be happier!

E. Smalls

SS 10 Subwoofer

Where the cutoff


I purchased this from the sub allows up to 1400k through even when I adjust the LPE to around 80

Complicated Passions

SS 10 Subwoofer

music time


just got my system up the sound is great playing now for the break in, the SS-10 sounds beautiful I think I may get another to complete my 7.2 using super ones for front and superzero's for the rear and surround just playing music, I will be back with more updates 

Ronald J.

SS 10 Subwoofer

Great Subwoofer


  I recently purchased a SS-10 10 inch subwoofer along with a pair of SuperZero 2.1 mini monitors direct from NHT. The performance of this subwoofer is absolutely amazing, Bass is tight, clean, and well defined down into the lower 30 hz range.  Also, the SS-10 blends seamlessly with the SuperZero 2.1's. Together they form a fantastic sounding full range system. So far I am extremely pleased with my new NHT speaker system. One of the best sounding systems I have ever owned. NHT makes great speakers.