Super Surround 5.1

5.1 Surround System

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The Super Surround 5.1 speaker system contains 4 of the fabulous SuperZero 2.1 mini monitors, 1 SuperCenter Center Channel Speaker, and 1 SS 10 subwoofer that together create a formidable high-end, full-range surround sound system when used together with a high quality surround receiver (we recommend Marantz).

The Super Surround 5.1 speaker system is designed specifically for those with great taste on a limited budget and for those wishing for ultimate value. Even though this 6-piece speaker system is very small and compact, it will fill a small to medium size room with music quite easily with as little as 50 watts per channel. This Super Surround 5.1 system can also work effectively in larger rooms if the listening distance is reasonable close - within 12-15' of the speakers. As such, it is also a great system for dens, rec. rooms, bedrooms and family rooms. In the case of a wide room, we highly recommend adding 2 more SuperZero 2.1's for the back channels to turn the Super Surround into a 7.1 channel system. 

Additional accessories are all available at on this website.

Package contains: 
n = 4 | SuperZero 2.1 Bookshelf Speakers 
n = 1 | SuperCenter Center Channel
n = 1 | SS 10 Subwoofer

This System Contains:

SS 10 Subwoofer; n = 1
SuperCenter Center Channel Speaker; n = 1
SuperZero2.1 mini monitor; n = 4

Complete Set
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    Omnimount 10.0 Combo Wall or Ceiling Mount

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    Marantz NR1506 50W/ch, 5.1 Surround Receiver

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