NHT is proud to present Audioquest premium quality interconnects for your speakers and audio/video components. We put together a selection of the most commonly selected cables, wires and accessories.  You will find speaker cable in bulk rolls for big installations and distributed audio system including cable safe to run in your walls that meet CL safety standards.  Also Check out Audioquest's G2 and X2 mini rolls that you can cut your desired length as well as our BFA bananas or CF series spade lugs.  We also offer pre cut and terminated speaker cables or various sizes and lengths.  

In addition to speaker cables we offer a limited selection of Audioquest USB cables, HDMI cables, optical (SPDIF) digital cables, coaxial digital cables, subwoofer interconnecting cables,  1/8 mini headphone jack to RCA cables for iPods/iPhones/iPads.  If you can't find what you are looking for, please call one of our experts at 800-NHT-9993 (800-648-9993) for specific recommendations or special orders.