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NHT's new generation of earbuds are specially designed to emulate our “high end, not high price” philosophy. The Sportsbuds feature a robust single dynamic driver providing robust sonics and are made for active wear in mind. The C Squared offers superb detail from its dual driver design ensuring a rich musical experience. Further, both models come with Comply Tips specially designed for their respective applications. 

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    C Squared Premium Earbuds

    NHT's best earphone to date.  These classy and sophisticated in-ear phones represent our effort to provide a more neutral response than our bass-heavy Superbuds, and utilize specific high quality, dual dynamic drivers mounted coaxially to provide an immersive listening experience. Our C Squared Earbuds are used optimally with a DAC.

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    Our SportsBuds in-ear headphones feature water-resistant polymer as well as rubber insulation in all junction points. A single dynamic driver brings all your music to life and the enclosures help you hear your surroundings so you can be active safely.

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