When cement blocks are no longer an acceptable landing place for your beloved bookshelf speakers it's time for a quality speaker stand. We offer various sizes of premium speaker stands from nice to high end for stereo and home theater systems. How do you choose the right stand? First, choose a speaker stand that is rated for your speakers weight. Next, find one that has a top plate that fits your speakers footprint perfectly - too small or the speaker may fall off (before you're ready to upgrade to better ones). Too large and the look is all wrong (we actually list which of our speaker models fits which quality speaker stand we sell in each stand's description). Next, choose your height, price range and quality level. High-end speaker stands can get expensive but if you think of them like playground equipment, you'll feel better about paying a bit more. Finally, since speaker and quality speaker stand makers don't live under the same roof, usually there is no supplied way to actually attach the speaker to the stand. If you need them attached, you'll need to use velcro or figure out another way to adequately attach the two together, especially if you have loose dogs and children. If you need help with this or any other question about assembling the best audio video system you've ever owned, call our experts at 800-NHT-9993 or write us at help@nhthifi.com.

The DeskStand is designed for the SuperPower when used on your...desk or shelf. Steel construction made in the USA.