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I am writing this review after living with these speakers for nearly a year now. They are virtually unique in their class because of their three-way design. This I believe gives them more midrange detail and presence than comparably priced or even more expensive speakers. However, this does not mean an exaggerated midrange in any way, since they have an exceptionally flat frequency response from top to bottom. Because of their neutrality, they are very chamelion-like and will reveal the flaws of any associated components. These speakers sounded great to me at the beginning but I had a sense I was not getting the full benefit from them with the components I had. This sent me on a mission to upgrade my system, which I have done gradually over the past year. I am now even happier with my C 3s than before. I would agree with NHT's recommendation of a minimum of 50 watts per channel. My new amp has 90 watts per channel into the C 3's 6 ohm load and they really make these speakers sing. The C 3s may not appear at first to have enough bass for some people but you are getting the bass that is actually on the recording without emphasis or exaggeration. When there is real deep bass on your recording, you will hear it and feel it. The C 3s are highly underrated and among the most accurate speakers available at any price. I highly recommend the C 3s but make sure you have associated components that are worthy of them. Kudos to NHT for making a speaker that may well be the best value out there!