Christian R.
Rating: Star Star Star Star Star

From my experience with "outdoor" speakers, I wasn't expecting anything that would resemble "great" sound reproduction, rather a compromise between weather resistance and general sound delivery. With this in mind, I had already the bias that the O2s would be good, but nothing near the sound quality of the SuperZeros which I highly regard. Upon initial inspection, the O2 certainly look great. The construction is minimialistic, yet elegant. The front grill lacks any NHT badging which I was kind of bummed about honestly. But I can see how this would be preferrable for custom or discreet installs. Perhaps future grills could incorporate some quick-release logo. The speaker mount that is integrated to each O2 is very nice. With actual indentations, it makes exact speaker positioning easy. Slippage is a non-issue, unlike the OmniMounts which sometimes slip over time with the SuperZeros. The weight of the O2s "seems" a little lighter than the SuperZeros, perhaps due to the material. With this in mind, I suspected the sound quality of the O2 would be different than what i was used to from the traditional NHT gloss-black enclosures. But literally, from the start, the O2s sounded AMAZING. All my doubts and preconceived ideas of how a weather resistent speaker should sound were completely shattered. The first thing that really starled me was the bass response. I did not expect the bass to be so defined from these enclosures. Simply amazing! Then the overall balance of sound reproduction is simply first class. Truth be told, I suspect you'd find it hard to tell these are speakers designed for outdoor applications. They certainly sound fantastic as regular bookshelf speakers, at least to my ears. So much so, I am actually using them indoors as they are so good. Fortunately the speaker mounts are easy to remove. Upon close inspection, the drivers look a little different than the NHT speakers I currently have. I am not sure if the tweeter and woofer material is of a special type for weather resistance, but no matter, as it seems there is no degredation in their sound reproduction. Speaker posts are of high-quality and accept banana plug or traditional spade connectors. For the price, I do not think you can do any better in the outdoor speaker category. And because they sound equally great no matter where they are placed, I wonder if these are perhaps the best all-around bookshelf speakers money can buy. This is why I consider them a jack of all seems they can do well no matter where! I can find no fault in these speakers.