H Socolov
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These bookshelf units are quite amazingly transparent, they are really meant to be coupled with a good sub to fill in the low end, they reach down to 56Hz, that said, for chamber music, jazz, and vocals they are astounding on their own. I have them currently fed by a Harman Kardon HK 3490 stereo amp (120 watts into 8 ohms, high current, one of the last great amps made by HK from the last decade) and an Oppo BDP-105. The 3490 is a very good match for the Superones' efficiency (below 90db). John Patitucci's Mistura Fina (flac from solid state drive) is a joy to listen to without a sub, astounding transparency, tactility of percussions, and exquisite mid range. I want to pair them in the future with a Vincent Audio Class AB integrated. They should really reveal the character of your amp of choice, just keep in mind to feed them the enough amount of power on account of their relatively low sensitivity. A pure Class A tube low watt amp might not be enough juice.
One of the very best and perhaps less known values in audio out there when paired smartly. Bravo, Now Hear This.