Douglas MacGregor
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Hi Folks;
Having briefly retired I now have time to write. I am listening to your SuperZero 2.1's as I finally bought a pair from I have had Classic 2's and Classic 3's for years, so I could be considered by some to be biased I suppose; but the first good speaker I still own is the Kef 101 Reference I bought in 1984. Older audiophiles know them and their sister the BBC LS3/5a very well. (Though perhaps not a much younger generation) At the moment I rotate a few stand mount speakers. The Kef 101's & LS50's, GoldenEar Aon 2, Polk LSiM 703, and NHT Classic 2 & 3 every few months as my mood suits. It's fun. All are good in their own strengths and weaknesses and all exceptional at their price point. That's of course, a humble opinion.

 I've had your desk top Superpower 2.1 as my computer monitors for a few years so I thought I knew their potential when hooked up the SuperZero's to my main system. Well, I'm shocked ..... Hell... I'm really shocked. I didn't have any idea how well they scale with decent back up behind them (Bryston B135 Integrated, Sim Audio Moon & Cambridge Audio Source with good cabling and Skylan speaker stands). These speakers are truly unbelievable in their presentation, imaging, tonal accuracy and detail.... down to a point, that being around a hundred hertz. But they do exactly what their designed to do ridiculously well above that point.

 Properly integrating my NHT B12d subwoofer was a bit trickier than with my other speakers though. The same can be said for my Kef 101 Reference as they don't go much lower than the Zero's and I just find it easier to mate a sub correctly by ear when the speaker is capable of good bass on their own to around the 50hz range in my particular listening room and nearfield configuration. However, once I had spent a few hours tweaking with my reference recordings I was able to turn my Zero's into a fully balanced, exquisitely detailed, pinpoint imaging rig. I would never have thought it possible for ANY 300.00 pair of speakers to scale as they do. You end up with a pair of speakers that will match and better other recognized and well-respected makers in their thousands. My Kef 101 and LS50's with the B12d are both still my reference though they differ in strengths. But folks, these speakers are $300.00 a pair!!!  Check out the price of the current LS3/5a from Rogers or Falcon. What you've done with the Zero is crazy..... Thanks for another great speaker. You never cease to amaze me.  The Zero just does what it's designed to do so right......

Doug MacGregor