Aravindh J.
Rating: Star Star Star Star Star

These dolby certified speakers work well and are effective. I used two of these as front up-firing speakers and placed them on top of old but still terrific NHT VT-1a floor standers that are 40" tall. The room height is 9 ft and the main listening position is about 9ft from the center channel. The ceiling is plain drywall. The L&R front speakers are separated by about 7 ft. Since the vt-1 have the same width and depth as these, they look good together.

At first it was hard to say if the speakers were effective at all - meaning did any sounds seem to come from the ceiling? I was using the up mixer Dolby Surround on regular Dolby Digital content. I finally decided to test some Atmos specific content.

Downloaded the Dolby Atmos demos from internet, loaded them up on a thumb drive and inserted the thumb drive into my blurry player. Most of the demos out there are fairly useless — Leaf and Amaze are the only demos that can clearly show the intended Atmos effect. I finally could tell that these NHT speakers are great and some of the sounds seemed to actually be coming from the ceiling.

American Sniper on blu-ray has an Atmos soundtrack - though sadly not a very effective one. I mostly couldn't tell if the up firing speakers were working. Then there were a couple of scenes where helicopters seemed go be going over my head. Phew, the speakers are working as intended!!

Recently released blurry remaster of Bram Stoker's Dracula has an Atmos sound track as well. There is a scene where Renfield is plucking bugs flying around in his cell to eat them. The buzzing sound seemed to be traveling all around, including above the head.

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