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I bought these speakers as a second pair for my main system or for possible future use in a second bedroom system. Straight out the box, I already prefer them to my "main" speakers. They are more accurate, natural, transparent, and musically engaging. The real bass of these acoustic suspension speakers makes the bass on my ported speakers sound flabby in comparison. There is not a significant difference in sensitivity with my 50 watt per channel Arcam integrated amp. It is a shame that there are so few companies making acoustic suspension speakers these days, since the bass performance really is superior to ported designs. I remembered NHT from the days when we had a brick and morter dealer here that sold them. He always touted NHT as a superior value to other, better known brands and used to talk about not being able to sell a second speaker brand because people would generally prefer the NHTs. I wish I had listened to him earlier. Better late than never. NHT proves that "exotic" materials and marketing hype do not make better sound.