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In the late 90's I enjoyed the sublime imaging of a full 5.1 NHT system (I forget the model now, but they were angled inward with side firing drivers). Along the way, I got married, sacrificed my treasured NHT system for a more wife friendly tiny Bose 5.1 system, then had kids and moved to a Yamaha DSP, and now I've even discarded that and am just listening to TV speakers (*shudder*). Great audio lost its priority, mostly because I'm at the age where "who has time for TV and music" - I'm either listening with headphones on a plane or in front of my computer. 

Several years ago I decided that I wanted NHT in walls and ceilings throughout the house. Although my memory of the good old days with NHT was hazy, I knew they were among the best speakers I ever heard. After years of procrastination, today iC4's were installed on my patio. The verdict? I didn't know how much I was suffering over the past 15 years until today. Within 10 seconds of hearing them, my reaction was just "Wow". Tight bass. unbelievable detail. Holographic imaging. The sound fills my entire yard / pool area from just two iC4's under my covered patio. Two iC4's replaced Sonos speakers on the patio and there is simply no comparison (although the iC4's are powered by a Sonos Connect Amp). It's an unfair comparison I guess, but bass, mids, highs, and detail are across the board far far better than the Play:5's. If I had to pick one nit, I'll say the grill could be more flush with the ceiling (the bezel sticks out about 1/8") but my wife commented "you don't even see them" so I think that's a pass.

Next step is to add iW4's for my TV front and center channels, and get my iC3's installed in the kitchen and living room. The only hard decision is what to power them with.

Highly recommended. I wish I would have pulled the trigger long ago.