Scott L.
Rating: Star Star Star Star Star

My system has seen its share of costly speakers.  I have auditioned and compared at length.  The C3 are a worthy modern successor to speakers like ADS L-710, which were compact high-end 3-ways.  The sound is amazingly open, articulate, detailed,  transparent and slightly forward of neutral.  This makes them well suited for high-end listening of any genre.  The dynamics have great range with a clean grip on transients. They mate with a sub exceptionally well. The last time I heard an aluminum tweeter this well implemented, it was in a set of Vonsweikert speakers north of 4 grand.  Further:  I'm using them nearfield.  They are superior to SVS ultra, Axiom m22 and Elac debut 6.2. They give up nothing vs $3000 dynaudio monitors.  There is no brag, just check out Ken Kantors measurements and review.  These are easily the best overall speaker under $1000 a pair. No, they don't try to have the most deep bass, but the bass they do have is very tight and precise. Before you waste money on other overhyped brands, buy these. They are the most criminally unrated speakers on the market.