Andrew M.
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I have been an Audiophile for 30+ years now. My VERY first Audiophile speakers DECADES ago were actually the ORIGINAL NHT Super Zero's, CRAZY! Those speakers, especially for cost BLEW ME AWAY as well as all my friends, some MUCH more affluent than me at the time. My 1st foray into Atmos speakers (when there were like 3 movies out at the time) were the Onkyo SKH-410's they DID make a difference in associated movies but they ONLY handled 25 watts so they NEVER matched up well with my setup even cranked up to MAX input rating. Next came the Klipsch RP-140SA's, MUCH better than the Onkyo's but again only recommended to 50w per channel, again in MY setup they just were not perfect. (initial 2 aforementioned atmos speakers setups (I always had 4, front and surround atmos, 2 pair) was run off Parasound ZAMP Quattro 90w x4 @4ohm with ability to adjust power output as with the 2 aforementioned speakers that COULD NOT handle 90w a channel). My initial setups were used with 2 sets of Polk Audio RTi A7's both front and surrounds. I then upgraded my main speakers to Martin Logan Motion 40's front and Motion 20's surround. The Klipsch's NEVER matched well and looked AWFUL on top of the ML's. I then heard NHT was releasing their own ATMOS add-on speakers, as with my ORIGINAL NHT Zero's, they came in a Piano black finish, they matched PERFECTLY to my ML's and the imaging for Atmos or DTS X was the best I EVER heard. CRAZY how good their speakers are, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!